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How Do Trees Block Drains?

How Trees Block Your Home Drainage

While they may add character and beauty to your landscape, trees can also be a major source of drainage problems. Tree roots seek out moisture, so even shallow root systems have the potential to damage and clog underground drainage systems. When these roots grow into or near underground drains and pipes, they can create blockages that prevent water from draining away properly.

The most common places for tree roots to cause drainage problems are in sewer lines, which can be blocked by root infiltration and accumulations of hard organic materials, such as leaves and twigs. In addition, many types of trees have root systems that spread several feet deep into the soil. This means if a tree is planted close enough to underground pipes and drains, it can easily cause a blockage.

Therefore, it is important to plant trees in an area away from your home’s drainage system. If you discover a tree root problem with your drains, contact a local plumbing service to help unblock the drain and prevent further damage. With a local plumber, you’ll access the right equipment and expertise to safely remove the root blockage and keep your home’s drainage system flowing properly.

If you decide to plant a tree in your yard, it is best to select trees that have shallow root systems. Trees such as maple, ash and dogwood all have roots that rarely exceed 3 feet deep, which makes them less likely to interfere with the drainage system. This being said, it is important to keep trees away from any drains that are located underground. When planting a tree, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how far away the tree should be planted from your home’s drainage system.

Fixing a Blocked Drain

What if your drain is already blocked by the roots of trees? You may need to hire a professional plumber to help you locate and unblock the drain. The plumber will be able to use specialised equipment, such as sewer cameras, to locate the exact area where there is a blockage. Depending on how severe the blockage is, they might even have to dig up the affected area to get rid of the root system. Once they have located and removed the blockage, they can then advise on any repairs that need to be done to stop further tree roots from getting into your drains again.

How do experts clear drain blockages caused by tree roots? Professionals use a range of methods to clear drain blockages caused by tree roots. This includes using specialised tools such as drain-clearing machines, high-pressure water jets, and electro-mechanical cutting tools. They may also use chemicals or biological agents to break down the accumulated debris in the blocked drains and flush away obstructions.

The experts will also assess the damage to your drainage system caused by the tree roots. They may need to carry out patch repairs or even suggest a complete relining of the pipes if they are severely damaged; this can help ensure that the trees don’t cause further blockages in the future.

If the tree roots have caused extensive damage to your home drainage system, it’s important to contact a professional for advice and assistance. They can help ensure that any necessary repairs are carried out correctly so that your pipes remain clear and free-flowing. With the right treatment, you can keep trees from blocking your drains and causing unwanted damage to your property. Proper maintenance of the trees around your home, such as regular trimming back of long branches are also a good idea!