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Mistakes to avoid when designing the lighting layout of your home

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design and it is one of those elements that can truly add life to your living space. Lighting is necessary to add that depth and dimension to your living space and lend that energy to your home. There are many advantages of having good lighting in the space, including the fact that it can significantly add to you physical and mental well-being. And lighting can enhance both the aesthetic value and functionality of your living space. These are just a couple of things that lighting can do for your space. And most people end up making a few common mistakes that hamper their entire lighting layout. We are here to keep you from making those same mistakes. Read on.

Don’t rely on recessed lighting alone

Recessed lighting designs, like ceiling lights and downlights have recently gained a lot of traction in the design scene and have also become a preferred choice as primary lighting fixtures in the space. But you must understand that a ceiling light is simply not enough to lend optimum illumination to your living space. Unless you plan on getting a commercial ceiling light, you will find some places with less lighting or dark spots in the room. Use a few more mid-level and low-level lighting designs in the space to have proper illumination.

Not using dimmable lighting in the space

Homeowners usually ignore that they need to create a cozy space for themselves and the ambience of the space has to be top notch. Dimmable lighting helps you lend that warmth in your space and it will also let you customise your lighting layout just the way you want. You can not only customise the brightness with most dimmable lighting designs but also change the colour of the lighting fixture letting you personalise your space even more. The best choice is to pick ambient lighting designs with dimmable lighting. You can go for table lamps, wall lights, floor lamps or similar ambient fixtures for your ambience.