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6 Amazing Benefits of Installing Retractable Awnings

Awnings are an excellent addition to any outdoor space allowing one to make the most of leisure time. You can invest in retractable awnings for their versatility and get shade and comfort similar to a roof. It can also allow you to entertain your guests outside and keep them safe from rain and sun. Furthermore, they offer energy efficiency and come in different fabrics to meet your requirements. 

Check out the following benefits to know why you should invest in a retractable awning. 

1. Adaptability and functionality

Most retractable awning systems are operated simply with the push of a button; hence, it is a go-to choice for many homeowners. In case of damage from inclement weather, the awning may need some repair or maintenance. 

These awnings are less likely to be affected by severe weather while you can enjoy outdoor activities. These systems can be operated by a hand crank which you can remove easily. 

You may also install a tubular motor according to your preference. Motorised awnings allow the integration of a sensor and enable automatic operation. The sensor can come in handy to help the awning open in the desired position after detecting the sun and retract accordingly.

2. Minimal maintenance

Investing in a retractable awning requires minimal maintenance. For routine maintenance, you must wash the fabric and frame with mild soap and water once a year. However, rinse the frame and cover it once a month if you stay in a saltwater environment.

3. Improve energy efficiency

Retractable awnings can restrict the sunlight from entering the home during summer, which can help you save on energy bills. You can also reduce your heating bills in the winter by retracting the awnings and allowing the sunlight to warm up the home. Therefore, having a retractable awning can help you have an energy-efficient home and help you save throughout the year.

4. Protect from external elements

Be it your patio or deck, having a retractable awning can provide your outdoor space from various external elements. The shade of the awning can help the outdoor furniture last longer and prevent deterioration or discolouration caused by rain, snow and direct sunlight. Additionally, awnings can prevent UV rays from damaging the exposed flooring or indoor furniture.

If you like spending time outside and engaging in outdoor activities, you can use awnings to prevent direct sunlight exposure and sunburns.

5. Increase the living space

Investing in retractable awnings can be your best bet to expand your living space. These awnings can give a complete makeover of your outdoor space and fit any of your needs, from entertaining guests to relaxing or performing outdoor activities.

6. Increase market value

A retractable awning over the patio or deck improves your home’s value by creating additional space. It is also an appealing feature for potential homebuyers looking for an outdoor space to relax and have fun. 

Apart from providing shelter and shade, awnings add to the aesthetic value of the outdoor space, especially if the awning style matches the theme of your home’s exterior.

After learning all the benefits mentioned above, you must know that installing a retractable awning is worth the investment. While you must bear an upfront cost for buying and installing, you can reap the benefits by saving on monthly HVAC bills. Even for comparison, if you transform an outdoor seating area into a room using a roof over it and utilise the extra space, it would be more costly than an awning. So, an awning is the best bet to get value for your money and enjoy benefits in the long run.