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Everything You Need To Know About Online Coffee Roasters

Are you someone who cannot start their day before your daily cup of joe? Do you want to hiss and hide under your blankets when someone approaches you before you’ve had your coffee? Well, you’re not alone, mate!

A whopping 75 percent of Aussies have at least one cup of coffee a day! That means you can now feel less guilty about splurging on your favourite drink. On the contrary, it’s time for you to learn how an online coffee roaster can change your life.

Are you interested in finding out? Then keep reading!

Why is coffee roasting important?

Before you learn all about an online coffee roaster, the first question you might have on your mind is, why is coffee roasting even a thing? For starters, when you roast coffee beans, it makes the aroma and flavour so much stronger than unroasted green beans. Not only that, there is an increase in the overall quality of taste.

An unroasted bean will be soft, grassy and spongy, definitely not what you want from your perfect cup! The coffee’s chemical changes due to roasting allow the moisture to leave the beans. This makes them perfect for a fresh brew and smells like actual deliciously warm coffee.

Have you ever smelt anything better?

What are the different types of coffee roasts?

Before you invest in your online coffee roaster, you should know what type of roast you actually prefer. The last thing you want is to have a cup of the dark roast when you’re more of a sweet, milky coffee kind of person. That would be your tastebud’s worst nightmare!

Here’s a table to help you figure out the different types of roasts and what they mean to you:

Type of coffee roastDescription
Light roastAs the name suggests, this is a light coffee version. The reason for this is that the coffee beans are not roasted for a long period.
Medium roastThis type of coffee roast leaves your drink a medium brown colour. The beans have a stronger flavour than light roasts, also called the American roast.
Dark roastThis type of roast leaves the coffee beans very bitter and strong to the taste. The coffee will be less acidic and almost have a charred flavour to it. This is not for a coffee beginner, for sure.

What are the different coffee roasters?

Now, it is time for you to find out what kind of coffee roaster you can invest in to make the best cup for yourself. Say goodbye to expensive lattes and overpriced cappuccinos! There are two types of roasting machines you can invest in. These are as follows:

  1. Drum machine: This type of coffee roaster consists of horizontal drums that rotate and tumble the young coffee beans. This is done in a hot environment, and you can achieve this using natural gases like LPG, wood or normal electricity.
  2. Hot-air machines: This type of coffee roaster is also called a fluid bed machine. The coffee beans are roasted using a perforated plate in the machine that blows hot air. The very hot air tumbles and roasts the beans, and there’s a transfer of heat in the process.

Final Words

You are now not only a professional coffee drinker but also have all the knowledge you require to become an expert coffee roaster. So, go flex your knowledge amongst your peers! Being a coffee snob is not something to be ashamed of at all!