Tips for purchasing a diamond engagement ring

Buying a diamond engagement ring for the woman in your life is essential. For this reason, you must ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Especially diamond engagement rings in Sydney have long been a preferred option. 78% of Australians in Sydney who participated in a survey by the Jewelers Association of Australia said they had bought a diamond ring for their engagement. 

This number is much higher than the average for the entire world. The survey also revealed that 70% of Australians think diamond rings are preferable to non-diamond alternatives. According to a 2019 survey of Australian couples, 83% of them opted to propose the purchase of a diamond engagement ring. It is a considerable improvement from only 64% in 2015.

There are many things to consider when buying a diamond engagement ring, from what kind of cut would be best to how much it should cost. Here are some tips on how to go about purchasing such an essential piece of jewellery.

4C’s of diamond rings

You’ve done your research, and it’s time to go shopping. But how do you know which diamond ring is right for your significant other? The 4C’s of a diamond ring are Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Colour.


When buying a diamond, the cut is the most critical factor. Also referred to as “the shape of a diamond,” cut implies the angles and proportions of the facets of a diamond. Ideally, you’d want your engagement ring setting to maximise brilliance while minimising any light loss due to surface imperfections in the stone (called facet roughness). It’s best to consult professional jewellers if you’re after the best engagement ring in Sydney

That’s why it may be worth shopping for an ideal cut instead of just looking for a perfect carat weight or price tag—if you’re going for maximum sparkle, it is found that specific proportions yield better results than others when it comes to shining like crazy!

In addition to maximising the beauty and light reflection (which also adds value), another perk of buying an ideal cut is that they’re easier on your wallet since they’re less likely than other cuts to suffer from structural defects like cracks or chipping over time. 


The carat is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a diamond ring. The higher the carat weight, the costlier your ring will be. The bigger the diamond, the more expensive it will be as well. Diamonds are priced by carat weight (the mass of a diamond per unit volume), so larger diamonds cost more because they require more material to create than smaller ones.


Clarity refers to the number and nature of inclusions in a diamond. The fewer inclusions, the more apparent it is. Inclusions are naturally occurring flaws inside the stone that can be seen with magnification but not by the naked eye. They occur when a diamond forms under extreme pressure due to volcanic activity or other geological processes; they are often present as tiny crystals or growths of minerals within the stone.


When looking for a diamond, the colour should be your first consideration. The most popular and expensive diamonds are colourless (F-G), but their rarity makes them hard to find. If you’re looking for something more unusual, you’ll want to consider coloured stones instead.

Colour can affect the price of your diamond in two ways:


  • Price: The cost of diamond engagement rings varies greatly. Shop around and ask for quotes from several jewellers before making your final decision.
  • Investment value: Diamonds are a good investment, both in terms of their resale value and sentimental value. They’re also impervious to changes in fashion or trends—they’ll never go out of style!
  • Forever: Diamonds last forever, so if you buy one for your significant other’s engagement ring or wedding band, it will be with them forever (and forever after).

In conclusion, choosing a diamond engagement ring is a significant choice that calls for diligence. Before purchasing any rings, consider your partner’s preferences, spending capacity, and lifestyle. Ask questions when you visit a reputable jeweller to ensure you receive the best diamond engagement rings in Sydney for your money. Last but not least, explore more when purchasing in the Sydney stores, as many stores offer wedding offers so that you end up with a ring that will sparkle for years to come.