Workzone vs Keyedin: Features, Pricing, and Reviews 

It is a cloud-based solution that sends customers automatic email reports about project updates. Users can use any web browser on their Mac or PC to access Workzone. The continuous backing of the PM software maximizes data protection and redundancy on safe cloud servers. One of the best project management tools available, it delivers a mix of sophistication and functionality. The tool is a terrific resource for teams with a variety of backgrounds and levels of project management knowledge because of the user-friendly layout. It is the best choice for both technical and non-technical users.  Because it has struck the ideal mix between informal project management and enterprise solutions.  

No matter the size of your company or the number of projects you are delivering, KeyedIn Projects can assist you. Keyedin helps in boosting your chances of success, lowers and manages risk across the board, and controls costs. It functions throughout the whole project’s lifetime. Also, assisting you in choosing and prioritizing projects with your resource availability and budget restrictions. As a result, reporting improves, and responsiveness raises. Also, the possible effects of any change in project scope are better understood. Tens of thousands of knowledge workers from a variety of industries use KeyedIn on a global scale. The software is for leaders in any business who are responsible for choosing high-value initiatives. And effectively managing limited resources, and completing projects on schedule and under budget. 

Workzone Project Management  

Workzone is an intuitive platform that combines PM functionality with reporting and collaboration tools for teams of all sizes. Project teams, marketers, IT professionals, and other business users can use it. They can employ it to manage and track every part of their project. That is, from timetables and dependencies to document versions and approvals. For the team, its clients, and partners, Workzone is also scalable and secure. 

Workzone Project Features 

Project Views and Management 

Workzone software offers a wide range of capabilities to give teams the most recent data and graphics on the status of each project. The Project Dashboard offers a broad overview summary view of projects across departments, clients, or campaigns. The To-Do List, which is generated and sent to each user, completes the dashboard by offering a more granular look at daily tasks. Users’ individual tasks are automatically updated as needed, and so is the project plan. 

Document Sharing  

Utilizing secure file sharing with multiple levels of access. This way Workzone makes it easier to collaborate with groups, individuals, clients, and partners. Users can send an email alert with a link straight to a work item if there is a new item to review. Also, image markup enables users to put comments immediately on a PDF or image file within the software. With a comment section for each document or project activity, communication is simple. Teams can talk about modifications, take notes during meetings, or describe phone calls. 

Security and Customization 

Users of Workzone can alter the interface’s colors and logos to better represent their own or their clients’ brands. For each client or business partner, users can construct a private portal or extranet. The project management tool restricts access by project, folder, or document along with using 256-bit SSL encryption for security. Restricted information will not be seen by unauthorized users. Secure servers review data backups for backup purposes. 

Workzone Pricing  

It offers three pricing tiers. They are as follows: 

Team: It costs $24 per month. 

Professional: This cost around $34 per month per user.  

Enterprise: The final option is the Enterprise option and it costs $43 per month per user. 

Workzone Reviews 

There are several features crammed inside the software. The development has been well-planned and supported. Customer service responds to comments from business-level clients. New user onboarding requires a large time commitment. 

Keyedin Software  

KeyedIn is a platform-hosted cloud-based PM tool that serves major businesses and corporations. They provide a selection of tools that make portfolio administration for experts in the field of services easier. Both the on-premises and the online versions offer automation features. With the resources at their disposal and impending deadlines, managers can keep an eye on work and order their strategies. 

Keyedin Key Features 

Agile Management 

Businesses can implement Agile techniques and enhance the way they carry out specific tasks thanks to KeyedIn. They can expedite their development by implementing a top-down decision-making mechanism. The software offers Kanban boards for portfolio management, making it easy to visualize scenarios. And keep track of advantages. As they discover new business prospects, managers have the power to make particular adjustments to the portfolio. 

Reporting Module 

KeyedIn Projects regularly captures project progress snapshots to display data trends. It offers details on the duration and expense of completing a project, as well as the efficiency of the PMO and its staff. The PMO can pursue continuous improvement. Along with more consistent and predictable project delivery by analyzing the snapshots. It also offers capabilities for automating the dissemination of project status reports. 

Project Planning  

To make managing projects easier, the tool offers project portfolio management solutions. The project requests and WBS creation templates are already configured. Additionally, it contains Gantt charts, status updates, a task board in the style of Kaban, and assignment tracking. 

Keyedin Pricing  

The software has not disclosed the pricing options. This means that it offers a custom quote. Users who are interested can request a personal quote from the vendor. This is because it offers a lot of versatility. Users can benefit by choosing according to their budget. 

Keyedin Reviews 

Online reviews prove that the software is very intuitive. The reviews are quite positive overall. Users have mentioned that it’s project management makes work easier.  With reporting, workflow is also balanced. But there are cons. For instance, it takes time to load. 


Both softwares have great qualities. Their features are worth appreciating. But you should always make a conscious decision. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the tool that suits your budget and needs,