Kareo EHR vs Experity EMR: A Complete Review 

Both these software are extremely good at doing EMR functions. They have accumulated a very invested customer base which is currently using their software for their in-house operations. Their customers, which are in the portfolio of businesses they serve have greatly advocated their software. These software companies are very well positioned in the market of EMR software. They are regarded very highly according to their current customer base. 

Kareo EMR Software Featurette  

Kareo Clinical EHR is a Tebra Company product that offers a cloud-based EMR Software. The software’s medical billing and practice management is used by so many physicians across the United States. This software suits small practices and billing companies. While using Kareo EHR software practices and users can schedule patients and confirm their insurance. They can also manage delinquent accounts and the collections process. Users can develop customized reports as well and so much more. 

The software is especially designed for independent and solo medical practices. This EHR software includes a comprehensive data sharing features that streamline daily operations. That allows physicians to spend more time focusing on their patients. Kareo helps health care facilities to increase productivity and boost their revenue steam at the same time providing improved healthcare. All the practices can be up and running within minimum time spend on of signing up. The software offers a low monthly billing packages with no contract attached to them. There is also no set-up fees for the software, and the customer is without the worry of maintaining and updating the software version. 

Few key features of Kareo: 

  • Patient Intake. 
  • Medical Billing. 
  • Patient Management. 
  • Confirmation/Reminders. 
  • Single Provider Practice. 
  • Self Service Portal. 

Kareo EHR Demo and How to Request It  

Requesting the demo from Kareo is extremely easy and straightforward. The customer has to go onto the company’s website and fill out a simple form that requires very basic details of the customer. Afterwards, the sales rep. will reach out to the customer and inform them about software and its features. The company does not offer free trial for the software. 

Kareo EHR Pricing and How Much Does It Costs  

The company does offer the pricing of the software on their website. But in order to see the quote, the customer has to fill out a form that consists questions about their business model. The company tends to custom built the software according to the customer’s needs. There is a no free version of the software. 

Kareo EHR Reviews and How They Stack Up 

The software is very well reviewed on the internet with most of Kareo reviews landing on the positive side. The software is rated 4\5 at based on ‎364 user reviews. It is also rated 4\5 at based ‎600 user votes. 

Experity EMR Software Features 

Experity EMR is a practice management and medical billing software. The solution that it offers are purpose-built for health care facilities of all sizes and multiple specialties. The solutions that it includes are pediatrics, occupational medicine, and other hybrid primary care. So, the software’s features also include built-in payer guidelines and real-time insurance verification, and other documentation tools. The most recent feature available on the platform is the integrated business intelligence tool that offers unrivaled visibility. 

That aids in most critical clinical, operational, and financial metrics for quick care professionals’ success. In addition to that Experity facilitates integrations for electronic data sharing, via online scheduling and patient queuing, SMS messaging, e-prescribing, lab integration, payment processing, and coding automation. With inclusions for practice management, electronic medical records and medical billing, it drives a better experience for patients and improves clinical performance. 

Few Key Features of Experity: 

  • E-Prescribing. 
  • Appointment Scheduling. 
  • Charting. 
  • Compliance Tracking. 
  • Self Service Portal. 
  • Patient Scheduling.  

How to Request Experity EMR Demo 

Requesting the demo from the company is very easy and intuitive. All the customer has to do go onto the company’s website and fill out a simple form that requires very basic details. It is mostly about the customer’s business and how they like to run it. The company does not offer free trial for the software. 

The Pricing of Experity EMR 

The pricing of Experity is not available on the website. The company tends to offer custom pricing for the software and its features. Not making the pricing available to the public is part of their pricing strategy. The company also does not offer free version for the software. 

How do The Experity EMR Reviews Look Like 

The software is very nicely reviewed on the internet. The software id rated 4.5\5 at based on ‎207 user reviews. It is also positive rating: 82% based on ‎90 user votes. 

Future Prospect of Each Software 

Each of these software companies have taken the necessary steps to ensure their future success. And these companies are heavily investing in different ventures all the time to maximize their plans feasibility. As of now, they are opening new facilities and customer support centers in new regions to broaden their reach. By doing this they are also increasing their customer base. These companies are also investing in further developing their software features to add more tools and entertain much better user experience. 


Both these software are very good at giving electronic health management solutions. They are really relentless for their intended purposes. But as for this situation, when one has to choose one over other. That particular decision is completely on the customer. They are the ones who are going to be using it on daily bases. So, the final decision should be of the customer and no one else. What they need to do is evaluate themselves, and then come a conclusion. They should judge what are their requirement and needs. And keep their budgetary constraints in up in the list, not choose what can and cannot afford in the long run. So to sum it up, the company should choose the software that is best suited for their operational models.