Medical Expo

What to Know Before Attending a Medical Expo?

Are you a doctor who is planning to build your hospital? Are you a medical professional looking for products at appreciable discounts? The healthcare expo comes to your rescue. You can attain a lot of benefits from attending the medical expo. You can stay updated about the new trends and pieces of equipment used in the medical sector. With this, you can widen your customer base by installing the advanced types of machinery you bought from the expo. Moreover, you can get to know the best and low priced accessories people use for their practice. You can also compare your current products with others.

Trade shows and expos provide offers and discounts. You can also become a part of free seminars and presentations. It is a simple way to connect with your colleagues in the same field. When you buy things in bulk, they offer you discounts to establish their brand. They also offer special giveaways to attract more customers, which can be highly beneficial to the visitor. There are also many scopes to buy floor models at an appreciable discount.

Everything You Need to Know Before Attending the Medical Expo

The Expo

Choose a virtuous healthcare expo with the best history and reviews. No medical professional would want to waste time at a wrong expo that is not of much use. Ask yourself why you want to attend the expo. Check the list of companies that are exhibiting at the expo. Do a little research on the seminars they offer. Make your goal clear and check if the expo components match your goal requirements.

Floor Plan

After you get to know the companies exhibiting at the expo, have a glance at their floor plan. Some medical expos have apps to download the floor map and locate your required exhibitors. It can minimize your walking time around the expo to find your required equipment suppliers.


You should get to know the vendors and their materials before the expo. You will have to visit almost all vendors to get the most out of the expo. Make a list of all required products you want to invest in. Separate the vendors according to their specialty. Get in touch with the two or three vendors to shortlist whom you have to contact directly. You should enquire about the promotions and offers they provide during the healthcare expo.


Wear informal and comfy clothes. Remember you would spend a lot of time in the healthcare expo. You will have to take part in seminars, meet new colleagues and walk from booth to booth. Most of the expos have thin carpet flooring or hard flooring. So you must wear your regular comfortable shoes to spend more time at the expo without any issues. Further, take a jacket with you if you are a cold-sensitive person. The expo could be air-conditioned completely.


There could be many options to pay for the products you buy. It is better to pay by cash to avail more offers and discounts. Cash billing prevents issues with card swipers and other bank-related problems. Do some research about the company’s location. Speak up to avail of additional discounts if you pay in your seller’s location currency. Further, vendors prefer cash as they have ready money at the end of their business and do not have to collect payments from the banks.

Last Day of the Expo

The last day of the expo is the favourite part for many medicos, who are looking to purchase. Vendors always want to sell all the products they bring to the expo. Shipping the leftover products after the expo is an extra expense for them. So, they usually offer considerably more discounts than usual during the last day.