What Makes Audi R8 So Special?

The Audi R8 is the top brass model by Audi that competes head-on against Lamborghinis, Porches, and Ferraris. 

The parent company – Audi – has consistently demonstrated its extraordinary automotive potential and the skill to stay at the top ranks with its distinct vehicles. Its prior models show that the company knows how to infuse technology and functionality. 

Many wheel freaks wonder why Audi R8 has made its mark in the automotive world. Besides the clean-looking exterior, they couldn’t find anything extraordinary about this car. It didn’t have any shenanigans like Ferrari, so their questions made sense.

Furthermore, the price of the Audi R8 was $ 100 000. This wasn’t beyond the affordability limits of many car lovers. So, what was so special about this car that it was raved about everywhere?

Let’s find out those factors:

It is a practical supercar

Audi R8 has remained one of the best daily cars since its launch. Even though supercars are famous for their speed and fun character, most do not work for daily purposes.

Driving this car is relatively smooth. So much so that you can take the wheels for a random drive around the town. It has ample ground clearance, so you don’t have to fret about holes and bumps on the road.

It is a beautiful vehicle

The Audi R8 offers more than its pretty exterior. The car’s stunning engine and its silhouette make it look more like a private jet. This car’s clean and desirable design has reduced the chances of it becoming fussy for the drivers.

The car’s performance with its aggressive front grille will leave people around you glaring and smiling as you flaunt it around the town.

Brilliant virtual dash

Cars need to focus on the ease of the drivers. Audi R8 has extremely refined driver-focused interiors. You can easily reach for the controls and press the start/stop button on the steering wheel.

The firm has named its interior the “virtual cockpit.” You can use the features in the cockpit to enhance your overall driving experience and customize it according to your requirements.

Reliable exotic car

Audi has been repeatedly praised for its reliable car parts and fixtures. The interior and engine of the R8 feel exotic to drive. It has adopted a minimal approach, so minimal problems occur within the car.

Make sure that you maintain the car in its prime condition. This is because replacing the parts could be pretty costly. However, the reliability of this model is relatively high, making it one of the safest options drivers often vouch for.

The side blades of this car are one of the most easily identifiable traits. Its wide hips and sloping lines make it distinguished from other supercars. It has all it takes to make a supercar but doesn’t go into the luxury side. This makes it easily affordable for the masses.

The new model has half the sideblades due to the design requirements. Nonetheless, the exterior and the interior of this car still stand matchless.

It is the first diesel supercar

It took a lot of research to integrate diesel power engines in the supercars. Audi introduced this possibility to the automotive world and showed them how to do it.

They used a twin-turbo V12 TDI engine in the R8. This isn’t only spectacular but a step that made into history. It has a six-liter displacement. This makes the supercar viable for  500hp and 737lb-ft torque. 

Used Audi R8 Models are Affordable

Even today, finding an Audi R8 for sale involves quite a bargain.

Things are pretty juicy in the used car markets, where you should conduct thorough research to find out about the aptitude of a car under consideration. In the used market, you may find a used V8 R8 for about $45k. This would be a fantastic value for the money, and the depreciation is impressive.

A new Audi R8 is also economical compared to the exotic supercars trending in the market.

Drivers feel instant gratification

Having an Audi brand under your control isn’t less than a reward. You start feeling beyond this world, and the joy is unexplainable if you have struggled hard to buy this car.

You can buy a used Audi R8 at a bargain price, and you will feel like the Iron Man as you drive this model from work to home. A vehicle that makes you feel special is always close to your heart. Plus, you can enjoy a seamless driving experience without attracting too much attention like the drivers of Porsche and Ferrari.

The Spyder trim of this model allows for a breezy driving experience while you can retain the supercar traits. The Spyder feature makes the R8 one of the best cars to own.

It is here for a limited time

Audi plans to end the manufacture of R8 and TT models by 2023. Now is the time to make the most out of it and get your hands on the model.

The evolved engine of this car, coupled with its affordability, has always kept it a favorite for drivers. You should avail yourself of the chance and get these wheels right away if you are willing to. You can also secure a loan and pay it back later because the car will discontinue in the next year, and you may lose the chance to get your hands on it.

Parting Notes

The Audi R8 is a masterpiece. Its significant attributes make it one of the most sought-after models today. 

Although there are other supercars in the market, the engine and affordability make it unparalleled. Plus, it has achieved fantastic reviews for the Audi Company. The raving feedback and the high demand have kept it one of the best-sold vehicles from their portal. If you are looking to invest in a supercar that pays off and is worth all the investment, Audi R8 is the model you should opt for!