5 ailments of concern for men

5 Ailments of Concern for Men

Men’s health has always been a part of the discussion in the medical community. And most of the time the discussion has been about the bad habits of men. This does not mean women are always healthy and they do not fall ill, it only means that majority of the women are health conscious and make healthy choices in life. Whereas if you compare the stats then most of the depression and heart patients are men. Most of the diabetes patients are men. Does this not tell something about the general health of men and how it differs from that of women?

As per doctors and health, expert men are less happy than women, despite it is women that have been historically oppressed and even now in some parts of the world. Women are stricter about their health. Whereas men are reluctant to change their attitude and diet even if doctors ask them. Women on the other hand if encounter even a slight change in waist immediately join a gym. They are the biggest consumers of green tea and other healthier products. On the other hand, men constitute the majority of alcoholics and druggists. The difference is miles apart and this is the reason men have to depend on pills like Cenforce 200 and Fildena Sildenafil Citrate

In this article, we shall focus on 5 ailments that are troublesome for men. Most people usually know about these ailments but don’t act in time. We shall also discuss possible solutions for them.

High blood pressure

The ignorance level for high blood pressure is so high that people don’t even recognize it as a disorder. High blood pressure leads to hypertension, Erectile Dysfunction or ED, anxiety, depression, mood swings etc. There are various reasons for high blood pressure, excess potassium in the body causes a sudden jump in blood pressure. This is the reason why it is advised not to intake excess salt, especially raw table salt. Frequent instances of high blood pressure can make the situation become suddenly angry within seconds.

It can make you violent to people around you. Hence, it can create clashes with your partner, colleagues at the workplace etc.


Consumption of fast-food items like burgers, pizza, fries and most ready to made items are rich in bad cholesterol. This increases their weight and sticks to the mouth of the arteries supplying blood to organs. Thus, the pumped blood from the heart cannot reach organs in the required amounts as cholesterol blocks it. This makes the organ blood deficient and results in low effectiveness. Such men are the ones that take Vidalista 60mg for a better intimate experience. Hence, it is necessary to get rid of cholesterol which one needs to burn down through a strict diet and extensive physical exercise. One must give up consumption of fast-food items and fall back on homemade food.


An ulcer is something that cannot be seen but can be felt. Ulcers are sores that mostly occur on the lining of the stomach and intestines. The exact reason for ulcers is not clearly unknown but eating spicy food, using regular anti-inflammatory and aspirin are some of the common reasons for ulcers. Ulcers may cause symptoms like discomfort in the stomach during eating and drinking, and sudden stomach pain that is intense enough to wake up at night. The pain can last for minutes or several hours. It requires proper medication for a full recovery.

High sugar level

Unhealthy eating can cause another ailment, high sugar levels. The main reason for excess sugar in blood due is the lack of secretion of insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas. The food we eat is converted into glucose that is used as energy by the body. This is all possible due to insulin which helps the cells and tissues to absorb glucose and use it for carrying out various activities of the whole body. Insulin also makes sure the excess glucose is stored in the liver. Thus, when less insulin is secreted, the glucose remains in the blood and cells cannot absorb it. Even the liver also cannot store it as glycogen. Hence, the person experiences a rise in sugar levels in the blood.

Liver Expansion

Liver Expansion is exactly not a disorder itself but a sign of a serious ailment. There is a term in medical science for liver expansion known as hepatomegaly. There is no exact reason for liver expansion. It can be due to cancerous cells, a liver disorder like liver cirrhosis, heart problems or even genetics. But most common reason among doctors is extensive consumption of alcoholic beverages. These types of men are among the visitors of Powpills.com and are always under some kind of medication. But don’t worry because liver expansion is curable. All you need to do is to visit the doctor as soon as you feel any fatigue, pain in the stomach area, vomiting or yellow skin and eyes (jaundice).