What is a Lifeguard and What do they do?

A Lifeguard is someone who helps to keep people safe at a public swimming pool. They are trained to assess whether a person needs help or not, they make sure that swimmers are supervised properly, that there are enough lifeguards on duty and that they have enough equipment.

Lifeguards also provide information about swimming safety and swimming rules, as well as being an information source for parents and children who visit the pool. They have also undergone first aid and CPR Training Edmonton, and the use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

What is the job of a lifeguard?

One of the main jobs of a lifeguard is to save lives. This requires a special kind of courage. In case of an emergency, a lifeguard may need to perform certain skills, such as swimming, CPR and rescue breathing. These are the primary skills taught in a lifeguard course.

Lifeguards are responsible for ensuring the safety of swimmers in designated swimming areas. A lifeguard must follow certain rules and regulations. A lifeguard cannot dive into the water and has to stay out of the water for a certain distance.

During lifeguard classes, the lifeguards learn lifesaving skills, swim to perform rescue and CPR, and rescue equipment before being qualified. Their work involves the rescue of people, which makes them go under the water. It requires good physical condition, endurance and a calm attitude.

What does it mean to be a lifeguard?

Lifeguards have a very tough job. They have to keep an eye out for people who are drowning. They also need to save the lives of people who are trapped under a water log.

  • A lifeguard has to know how to swim and how to deal with water in order to save lives.
  • A lifeguard should always be ready to act quickly.
  • He or she should have a good sense of observation.
  • He or she should be observant to spot people in danger.

There are different ways to be a lifeguard. Some people work at the beach and others work at lakes. They also have to monitor pools and rivers. Some lifeguards are employed by swimming clubs. They have to look after kids and people who are learning to swim.

What do the lifeguards do?

Lifeguards must be prepared for emergency situations. They need to be trained to help save people in case of drowning. The training they receive at the beginning of their career helps them to understand and prepare for such emergencies.

They are taught about how to rescue and save a victim in the water. Lifeguards learn to handle different kinds of accidents in the water. They are also taught how to perform CPR and how to rescue a drowning victim. They learn how to respond to different types of emergency situations, including drownings.

Swimming is great to stay fit

Swimming and diving are great ways to stay fit. When you are training for a competition or you just want to have fun in the pool, it is always best to dive into a deep pool.  The swimming is a great way to stay in shape. If you don’t know how to swim well, you should learn to do so. This will help you to improve your swimming skills.

The lifeguard training teaches your diving techniques and they are always ready to help anyone who needs it. The lifeguards are always well-informed about the dangers and how to avoid them. It is important to follow the advice of the lifeguards. They know what’s best for you.

What does the lifeguard class teach you?

If you decide to become a lifeguard, you must be trained. This training will prepare you to do your job properly and effectively. The training is designed to teach you how to perform the necessary tasks and rescue a person.

The training usually includes the following subjects:

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Swimming techniques
  • Swimming safety
  • Water rescue
  • Aquatic communications
  • Swimming pool operation
  • Diving
  • Water safety and more

You should be familiar with basic lifeguarding skills. A good lifeguard must have the following skills: the ability to swim, CPR skills, first aid skills, water rescue skills, communication skills, aquatic skills, swimming skills, and diving skills.

Final Words

Lifeguard training is something that you should consider when you think about your future career. If you want to become a professional lifeguard, you should look for a lifeguard training program that offers you some special attention and that has the ability to evaluate your progress.

The American Lifeguard Association (ALA) provides different lifeguard certification programs that will make you able to start a professional career. To be a lifeguard, you will need to complete some training. This means that you will be going through a specific lifeguard course that will teach you how to do all of the lifeguard functions effectively. 

If you are interested in becoming a lifeguard then, please do not hesitate to contact ALA.