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Ways to Decorate Your Space with Wholesale Planters

The addition of plants in interior decoration is gaining popularity and becoming a trend. Plants, natural or artificial, add to the appeal and ambiance of the space, making it much more soothing to the eye. One of the best ways to decorate your room with plants is using planters.

You can get it from wholesale planters and choose the theme you would like to go with. Planters are very convenient to décor as they don’t take up too much space and add a soft look to the room. The greenery in the room can increase your productivity and add to an elegant appearance.

Below are a few ways and reasons why having a planter as home décor is a good option.

Reasons Why You Should Use Planters for Plants

Interior décor is a crucial part of any room as it sets the atmosphere. Along with their greenery, plants give a calm and relaxing surrounding while maintaining a touch of nature. Having a planter is the best way to keep the plant in good condition as it’s meant for it.

If you are into gardening and decorating indoor plants, you would love the idea of planters, as you can put it anywhere. Below are the benefits of using a planter for your plants:

Protects your plants from varied temperature

A planter is highly functional apart from being an excellent showcase item. It is durable and comes with different thicknesses and materials according to the need. It helps shield the plants from any sudden temperature change and absorb excess heat during the summertime.

The planter helps keep a stable condition for the moisture inside and keeps the plants healthy.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor plants

The planters are versatile, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor plants. You can accommodate them in your terrace, front yard, kitchen garden, hallway, bedroom etc. They keep the indoor plants lively and fresh, just like outdoor plants.

There is different material in planters like wooden, steel and ceramic, which you can choose according to your preference and the nature of the plant.

Provides your plant with breathing space and proper moisture

A planter offers your plants the right amount of maintained moisture and breathing space. It is necessary as the plants need to absorb the nutrients from the soil and soak the water.

Planters are customisable as they come in various shapes and sizes and can fit a plant of any size. The size of it depends on the decoration and space needed. You can buy items from wholesale planters as they can give you a wide variety of options.

Ways to Decorate Your Space with Planters

After seeing the use of planters, you might think of how to decorate your space. Here are a few hints which can make your room look personalised, warm and inviting:

  • Having a beautiful array of planters in your veranda can give it a relaxing look.
  • Placing the planters in the entrance or the walking areas of the house like corridors and stairs
  • Surrounding your living area with pastel colour planters, you can even try to match your planters with your sofa.
  • Decorating your terrace with planters if you have limited space indoors, you can have the wall hanging planters indoors.

Final Word

When you decide to have plants, remember to look for a durable planter with a long usage life. Using a ceramic planter is an excellent option as they don’t get rusty or break easily, and it stays unaffected by heat. When looking for durability, check on how the water drainage works and whether the planter is leaking or not.