The ultimate guide for choosing the perfect sunglasses based on the face shape

Everyone is differentiated based on how their face looks, be it oval, round or square. When it comes to finding the perfect pair of glasses, there are plenty of options out there, leaving one super confused on what might look good on them and what might not. There is always that one perfect style meant for everyone. This detailed guide is meant for all those newbies out there browsing for the perfect pair of sunglasses.

A good pair of sunglasses for big heads, designed for one’s specific facial features, not only help them look on top of their game but also helps their unique facial features pop out. Some often struggle with figuring out their face shape; the key to finding the perfect pair starts at this question.

However, one’s head size could differentiate from the shape of their face, and this might help one find the right pair of frames. It’s a great indicator of being a great guide. It not only specifies how round or heart-shaped one’s face is but also determines how the sunglasses for big heads would suit their side profile.

Making sure that the very sunglasses cover up the entire sweet spot of one’s eyes is important:

When it comes to the sweet spot, we’re talking about the rough area of the eye interacting where one’s nose begins. Making a good observation on how the sunglasses cover that particular area would give a great understanding of how one would notice the face and how the front profile stands. It’s always a good tip to not opt for frames if more than half of the eyebrows are getting covered up, as that just ends up making one look completely different than they already look. Everyone’s sweet spot looks different, depending on the length and width of the eye span connecting horizontally to the starting of the nose to the eyebrows width. Finding the sweet spot can be quite tricky; however, the ones that fit the sweet spot look just right, leaving one knowing at that very instance if it is or not the perfect pair for them.

Opt for a pair of round shaped sunglasses:

Research and surveys have seemed to have found that the majority of the men and their sweet spots go well with lower rounded shaped sunglasses. This not only looks flattering on most people but is the most common yet easily available pair of ones to find out there. However, it is important for one not to mix up the idea of round-shaped glasses with that of the Harry potter styled ones. One way to find a pair of round shaped glasses is to look at the top of them, as the top of these very round shaped glasses are straight or a little curvy rather than round, leaving them to go round towards the bottom end.

While the most common and safest option out there is rounded frames, it shouldn’t stop one from going all their way out to try out styles that aren’t in their comfort zone. The more they explore, the more they get the hang of their style.

For the long-headed people out there, a pro tip when buying frames is to opt for larger or broader lenses, as this would define their face shape, leaving the frames to look perfectly normal. Whereas if long-headed people were to opt for short lenses, they would not be able to highlight the right facial contour features, leaving them looking disoriented.

Leaving these tips aside, it is important always to keep exploring the top priority types, as the facial features are unique, and each facial feature contributes to the overall look of one’s face. Keeping in mind these tips and advice save a lot of time and effort for one. However, one should continue to stay in the process of figuring out their style.