How To Ship a Trophy Before Without Breaking

Shipping a trophy before without breaking can be very difficult. There are many things that need to be considered when shipping a trophy, such as how big the capsule is and what materials it is made of. Below are some helpful tips to help you ship your trophy before without breaking.

1. Determine the Size of Capsule

You will want to determine the size of the capsule that you are shipping your trophy in. If it is a large set, you will need an x-large capsule or a double large to support your needs. Otherwise, if it is a smaller set, you may have to have it shipped overnight via FedEx or UPS. You should contact an agent at either service in order to determine prices for your shipment.

2. Pack It Safely

When packaging your trophy, make sure that you are wrapping it in bubble wrap and cushioning the item well with filler chips or cereal boxes. This will help to protect the trophy better during shipment. You can place the trophy in a custom-made box to add additional protection. An awards store may have a box that you can purchase or create one out of recycled cardboard boxes and packing tape.

3. Secure It With Material

Ensure that your trophy is secured well with material to prevent any movement during shipment. You may choose to use bubble wrap or foam of similar material. If it is a smaller set, you will want to place packing tape on either side of the box before adding filler chips and cereal boxes around the item itself. This will prevent any movement in transit and protect the inside of your truck and other items that may be on board during shipping.

4. Use Foam

If you are shipping a very large trophy, use foam to ensure that it is protected from any damage. You can choose to tape the foam down to the box or purchase protective foam around the item. If you are using a custom-made box, you may want to tape the inside of the box down in order to prevent damage during shipment.

5. Contact an Agent

To get answers to your queries, feel free to contact an agent at either FedEx or UPS, and they will be more than happy to assist you in your shipping needs. The more items that you ship, the better the rates will become.

6. File a Claim

If you find that your trophy is damaged during shipment, do not hesitate to file a claim with the company for damage reimbursement. If it is damaged because of improper shipping, then chances are it can be replaced by the company and shipped out in time for your party or event. If you miss out on these deadlines, there may be nothing that can be done about it due to time constraints.

7. Ship It with Confidence

In order to ship a trophy before without breaking, you must have confidence in yourself first. You may not be ready for your shipment, but that does not mean that the package will be lost forever. You may just need to ship it the following day and ensure that you have all of the materials necessary in order to help protect your trophy from any damage. Pack it well and make sure that there is nothing more that can go wrong so that you will receive your shipment with no problems.

8. Strive for Perfection

Shipping is a very competitive business. When you are placing an order, feel free to ask for competitive rates and a rush on your shipping if possible. If you feel that your shipment has not been handled with care, you can file a claim and have them reimburse you for the funds that have been used. If nothing goes wrong, then the funds will be saved for future shipments. When you are shipping something out, strive for perfection. Carefully package the item in order to stand a chance of recouping some of the costs of your shipment if it is lost or damaged.

In conclusion, shipping a trophy before without breaking can be difficult. You need to be sure that you are shipping it in a way that will protect it from any possible damage or loss during shipping. If you want to save money and ship your trophies on time, make sure that you contact a professional FedEx or UPS agent in order to receive the best rates and find out how you can get your trophies safely shipped before they break.