How to purchase the right espresso machine

If you want to make espresso, then you need to have the best automatic espresso machine. Remember that you can start the espresso making process by having high-quality coffee beans and brew them through a process that usually gives a greater intensity of flavor than what you can experience with your usual cup of coffee. 

A high-quality shot of espresso has a layer of noticeable foam that comes on the top known as crema and you can drink or mix it with other ingredients to create a popular espresso beverage. There are some things worth considering before you decide to purchase an espresso machine. This article discusses how to purchase the right espresso machine.

An espresso machine

There is a chance that you love espresso without realizing it. Most popular drinks at various coffee shops are usually made with espresso. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider purchasing an espresso machine. You can make several drinks in your kitchen when you have an espresso machine as long as you have the right ingredients and time to spend on them.

One of the drinks you can make is an espresso shot or double shot. This refers to the liquid as it comes out of your machine. Most espresso lovers usually like drinking it when it’s in its natural state, and it resembles a slightly darker form of black coffee.

Another drink you can make with an espresso machine is macchiato. This is an espresso shot that has a little steamed milk on top. This adds additional foam as well as tempers the strong flavor. 

You can also make cappuccino which is just like a macchiato, though with extra milk. You should note that a cappuccino is a popular way you can drink espresso and can be easy to make at your home, especially if you own an espresso machine. Alternatively, you can make a latte which is similar to a cappuccino, though it has more milk and a thin layer of foam. 

These are some drinks that you can make with an espresso machine, but you can always add some extra touches depending on your preferences and flavors, such as whipped cream, caramel, hazelnut, or peppermint. With an espresso machine, you can also experiment with anything you desire and produce concoctions that can beat out the drinks’ flavors at your local coffee shop.

Types of espresso machines 

The first type of an espresso machine is called a manual espresso maker which is suitable for individuals who have the time and effort to work into their espresso. This extra effort can pay off because a manual espresso maker allows you to control each part of the process when making a shot of espresso to ensure that you can have the perfect shot. But sometimes you can end up making an imperfect espresso, especially if you fail to get it right.

The distinctive thing you may notice about manual espresso machines is the lever. Some makers come with a spring piston lever while others have a direct lever. A direct lever requires a bit more work. A manual espresso maker is usually attractive and they are functional. They can be expensive, but they are suitable for a connoisseur who is ready to put more work in so that they can make an excellent shot of espresso.

In short, a manual espresso maker can produce high-quality and excellent tasting espresso. You can also have a little more control over the process, are attractive, and tend to last a long time. 

Another type of espresso machine is known as a semi-automatic espresso machine. A semi-automatic espresso machine has an electric pump that immediately makes it easier to utilize than a manual espresso machine. These machines can offer you a mix of the ease of use that you may begin to see in the various types of automatic versions and the control that most people prefer in manual machines. They are considered to be the most popular espresso machines available out there. 

Therefore, the benefits of a semi-automatic espresso machine are that they are easier to use than manual espresso machines, you can have a high-level of control, and you can produce tasty and high-quality shots of espresso. Also, they are usually affordable and most of them come from reputable brands. 

You can also decide to have a fully automatic espresso machine that comes with an electronic pump. They also automate the delivery and amount of the water when making espresso. As a result, they are easier to use than a semi-automatic model, though you cannot have control over them. This can be a problem if you are particular about the way you like your espresso. Just like a semi-automatic model, the price range of this espresso maker can also be wide. There is a chance that you may find some models that are affordable while others are costly.

The good thing about a fully automatic espresso machine is that it’s easy to use and you may find affordable models. But with more electronics, it means that they have more parts that can break. Also, you don’t have a lot of control over the specific flavor of your espresso.

Lastly, there is a super automatic espresso machine that is the easiest to use compared to the rest of the espresso machines. The idea behind this espresso machine is to make it easy to make a shot of espresso. You can make a shot of espresso quite quickly without any mess to clean up. You should remember that this espresso machine is suitable for an individual who doesn’t desire to do any work. Also, you should be a person who is not worried about the intricacies of flavor, but just require a quick shot. This can be a great option if you drink a lot of espresso during the day. 

The benefits of a super automatic espresso machine are that it has many special features, such as programmable settings and built-in grinders. It’s also easy to use this type of espresso maker and has several built-in features. But they usually do all the work on your behalf, so you have less control over your espresso-making process.