Vape Device

How to Distinguish a Good-Quality Vape Device from a Bad One

Vape devices or e-cigarettes have a lithium battery with a cartridge full of liquid or vape juice that releases the vapour when heated. Recent surveys show that vaping is becoming increasingly popular in Australia as vapes contain multiple flavourings, with or without nicotine, that the youth prefer. Brands such as Vaporesso in Australia have become a popular alternative for traditional smoking, especially those who want to quit. In the vaping world, newcomers might observe various new jargon, devices, styles and flavours. But what separates the excellent vaping devices from the shoddy ones? People quickly assume that, like other products, vaporisers with higher prices reflect higher quality. However, several factors affect the reliability of a device.

The Brands and Stores

In Australia, the sales of e-cigarettes amounted to approximately 172.19 million AUD, growing exponentially every year. Over 200 specialised vape stores and numerous online stores currently retail vaping devices, liquids and associated accessories. The well-known vape brands like Vaporesso in Australia are user-friendly, durable and perform well compared to other devices. Popular vape pens offer a range of features and designs, such as adjustable voltage or temperature. The stores where one buys their vaping devices also determine the quality and use. Trustable stores sell good-quality vape pens and provide the best after-sales service.

Vape Heating Chamber

Vapes heat up in two different ways, through convection or conduction. Convection allows the heat to pass through the air and warm the vaporiser. Whereas conduction heats the surface, encompassing the liquid. While good quality vapes can use either method, it is crucial to consider how well they perform. The chambers must also be easy to clean as they are small devices. It makes it convenient for the users to remove the old liquid and flavours stuck in the vape device and ensure it heats up quickly.

The Vapour Path

The path through which the vapour travels from the atomiser must have superior-quality materials. Plastic can produce toxins when hot vapour passes through the tube, compromising the user’s health. High-quality stainless steel and ceramics perform better in vape pens. Vape pens must have wide vapour paths that promote better airflow and intake to ensure the draws are relaxed and loose; they also do not affect the throat harshly. Vapes with narrower paths make it difficult to vape juices with marijuana. Those with adjustable airflow enhance vapour quality and flavour.

Better Temperature Control

The next crucial factor to check for to examine the quality of a vape pen is the temperature control technology. Without accurate temperature control, vapes could heat up to dangerous levels, putting the users at risk. Along with harming the vapers, higher temperatures can dry the vape juice and liquids, resulting in them losing their flavour and effects. Having reliable temperature control allows users to control the power output and their safety. The three types of temperature controls include preset control with different levels, fixed control with a single setting, and precise digital temperature control with specific degree measurements.

Longer Battery Life

One of the discerning features of a good quality vape pen from a bad one is the battery capacity and output. Vaporisers that last longer are usually of better quality, and they are more convenient as users do not have to recharge them often. A battery with a longer life can come in handy during travel and does not need much time to recharge. The vape pens with a standard micro-USB charging port are convenient as users can charge them anywhere, including their car, home or outside.