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How to choose a table shower enclosure: models and features to evaluate

The materials , shapes and openings of the shower enclosures are characteristics that you must carefully evaluate before making your purchase. Furthermore, before choosing the shower box that best suits your needs, you will need to take into account the structure of the bathroom that will host it, so as to take advantage of any niches or recesses. But how do you choose the ideal shower enclosure? And what are the most functional models? Here are some handy tips on how to choose a table shower,  among the many models proposed in the section.

The features to evaluate before buying 

Whether it’s the classic square shower enclosure, a rectangular enclosure, or a corner shower equipped with hydromassage jets, LEDs and music, before making your choice you will need to carefully evaluate the following characteristics:

  • Shape and space of the bathroom
  • Type of shower enclosure you wish to purchase
  • Overall dimensions and door opening of the shower box
  • Dimensions and materials of the shower enclosure
  • Any additional comfort options

Only by carefully evaluating the characteristics listed above will it be possible to choose a shower box that is truly suitable and meets your needs and expectations. To avoid any extra expenses and choose something that doesn’t fit the space, bath remodeling experts in Sacramento, Isleton, or others where you are, can provide invaluable assistance in helping you select the right shower box for your needs. They have expertise in design and know-how of different types of shower boxes available, so they can help ensure that your selection meets both function and form.

How to choose a shower box according to your habits 

Are you a ” shower and go ” type, or do you consider the shower as an indispensable daily ritual, essential for your relaxation?

Your habits will greatly influence the choice of your shower box! Therefore, if your shower lasts only 5 minutes and you are thinking of an economical solution, then you can choose a standard monobloc shower enclosure (70×70), taps included.

If, on the other hand, you want a shower that can offer you maximum comfort and relaxation, then you can buy a shower cabin with hydromassage , radio and chromotherapy. 

Attention to detail before  purchasing

After selecting the desired type of shower enclosure, it is very important to consider some essential details before proceeding with the purchase:

  • Dimensions : carefully evaluate not only the shape of the shower but also that of the bathroom that will have to accommodate it
  • Type of opening : if you choose a hinged door, also carefully consider the overall space
  • Taps : for greater comfort, choose a practical thermostatic mixer equipped with an additional shower head and hand shower
  • Materials : better securit glass or acrylic for walls / door, acrylic and ABS  for the shower tray 
  • Included accessories : such as mirrors, shelves, towel handles, etc.
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Integral, monobloc or masonry? All the different types of shower enclosures

Regardless of type, size, shape and materials, shower enclosures consist of:

  • walls in securit glass or acrylic
  • a plate made of acrylic, ABS or ceramic
  • an evacuation system or siphon drain
  • sliding, hinged , folding or revolving doors
  • taps with classic or thermostatic mixer, shower head and hand shower

But how to choose an ideal shower enclosure? You will have to evaluate among the solutions listed below, paying attention to all the aspects we have mentioned above. 

Integral or monobloc cabins

Integrated shower enclosures are generally supplied in kits and are particularly simple to install. In fact, it will be sufficient to place them on the floor and then connect them to the water supply and the waste water drainage system.

The monobloc shower enclosures are available in many different models and can have hydromassage, LED lighting, radio, etc. 

Shower with movable walls 

The shower with movable walls is a perfect cross between a built-in shower and an integral shower. It consists of a shower tray and walls installed against one or two walls.

Masonry shower cubicles 

The showers with masonry cabins consist of a shower tray and a structure that houses the door (s). These showers allow you to make the most of the corners or walls of the bathroom.

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