How Percolators Enhance the Smoking Experience

In the realm of smoking aficionados, bong percolators have revolutionized how people enjoy their sessions. Similar to those found in bongs of reputable companies like Empire Glassworks, these devices have been increasingly noted for their capacity to enhance the overall experience significantly. Adding a percolator is like giving the entire smoking process a luxurious upgrade when using a bong. From delivering smoother hits and unlocking exquisite flavor notes to offering improved filtration and cooling efficiencies, bong percolators serve multifaceted purposes. Therefore, understanding their mechanics, benefits, and types is invaluable whether someone is a seasoned smoker or just venturing into this fascinating world.

What Are Percolators in Bongs?

Percolators, affectionately known as “percs,” are filtration subsystems within water bongs. They come in various shapes, sizes, and complexities but aim to filter and cool smoke before it reaches the lungs. They consist of a series of small chambers and tubes that allow smoke to pass through and, in doing so, encounter water. This interaction results in a smoother, more refined smoke that is significantly less irritating to the respiratory system.

Smoother Hits: 

Any smoker will attest that the most off-putting element of smoking is the harshness of the smoke. Percolators alleviate this by diffusing the smoke through water, reducing its temperature and harshness. The result is a smoother, more enjoyable hit that is less likely to induce coughing or irritation.

Unlocking Flavor: 

Beyond enhancing the smoothness, percolators also have the magical ability to intensify the flavor profile of the smoke. By interacting with the water and the multiple chambers, the smoke undergoes subtle yet impactful changes that bring out the flavors and aromas of the chosen herbs or tobacco. It’s akin to listening to music with a top-notch sound system where every note resonates clearly.

Improving Filtration: 

Think of percolators as the natural filter for smoke. The water within captures many of the harmful particles, thus ensuring a cleaner, purer inhalation. This feature acts like a built-in safety net for smokers, offering a level of “trip insurance” for those who are health-conscious about their smoking habits.

Increased Smoke Density: 

An often-overlooked benefit of using percolators in bongs is the increased density of the smoke. The diffusion process facilitated by the percolator can actually lead to a more concentrated smoke. In simpler terms, the smoke becomes thicker, offering a more substantial hit without being overly harsh. This particularly appeals to smokers who enjoy taking large hits but still want to maintain the quality of the smoke they’re inhaling. Like turning up the bass for a deeper sound experience, a denser smoke can make for a more fulfilling and satisfying session.

Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: 

The cooling effect is not merely for the pleasure of a smoother hit; it has a more functional benefit. Cooler smoke is less abrasive on the respiratory system, making it possible to take deeper, fuller hits without discomfort. It’s like enjoying a cold drink on a hot day; the temperature makes all the difference.

Design Versatility:

The options are nearly limitless, from classic tree-shaped percolators to intricate honeycomb and swirl designs. This variety allows smokers to personalize their experience, like customizing a car with preferred features and accessories.

Ease of Maintenance:

Contrary to what one might assume, percolators are straightforward to clean. With most designs allowing for easy disassembly, maintaining a percolator is usually as simple as a regular cleaning routine, ensuring an unobstructed, enjoyable smoking experience every time.


The advent of percolators in bongs, like those by Empire Glassworks, has been nothing short of a game-changer for smoking connoisseurs. The sheer range of benefits—from smoother hits and enhanced flavors to superior filtration and effective cooling—makes adding a percolator a worthwhile investment. They meet and often exceed smokers’ expectations, offering a comprehensive solution to common smoking woes. With designs catering to all tastes and effortless maintenance, percolators epitomize the perfect blend of function and aesthetics. Integrating a percolator into a bong setup elevates the experience from ordinary to extraordinary, creating an artful and unforgettable smoking journey.