Confused about when is the right time to get in touch with an urologist? Read on to get the answer!

When people start to get cautious about their health and work for its improvement, they often fail to include excretory and reproductive health. This happens until a problem related to the bladder, pelvic area, or sexual health starts to plague them. In these cases, people tend to visit a Urologist for solutions. They can help you deal with issues related to bladder, kidneys, urinary system, etc. To deal with those problems, you must be aware what’s the right time to get in touch with a Urologist.

When should I see a Brooklyn urologist

  • Pelvic Pain: In most cases, pain in the pelvic area is due to everyday issues that get healed by themselves eventually. Sometimes, the pain lasts for a longer period. It doesn’t seem to go away. What to do now? Don’t worry much. These are those times when you should make up your mind to see a Urologist. They will find out the actual reason behind the pain.
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): Every now and then, we hear about people suffering from Urinary Tract Infections. There is an obvious lack of sanitation in public washrooms. If you’ve experienced recurring UTIs within a time period of 6 months or a year, then it is time to see a Urologist. 
  • Kidney Stones: The issue of kidney stones is related to the excretory system. You must make sure to deal with it as soon as possible. If you see any signs like blood in urine, take immediate steps. Also, sharp pain on either side of the lower abdomen is a common symptom. If you face these signs, it may denote the presence of kidney stones. 
  • Sexual Health Issues: Apart from problems related to excretory organs, urologists are known to treat reproductive organs. This is helpful for men who are experiencing low testosterone and erectile dysfunction issues. They can also help to deal with prostate problems and issues related to infertility. 

No matter you are a man or a woman, you can visit a Urologist. However, such issues are more palpable in men. People also visit urologists when they experience leakage of urine or when the urge to urinate becomes too frequent. You can get bladder and incontinence issues as these are fixed right away as you make routine visits to your urologist.