8 Uncommon, but Helpful Business Services That You May Need to Hire

Like consumers, businesses need products and services from other businesses in order to function properly. Businesses hiring other businesses for their services is actually pretty common, as these businesses are known as B2B (business-to-business) companies.

While these eight business services may be uncommon to most businesses, unlike bookkeeping and accounting services, they’re still pretty helpful and you can benefit from having them.

#1: Construction Services

Hiring a construction company isn’t something that a lot of businesses do unless they’re a startup building from the ground up. However, you may need to expand your business (which is probably one of your goals as an entrepreneur) and need to consult a construction company for renovations. On the other hand, you may need to hire a construction company to do repairs on your office building if you’re renting or owning an older building. There are various reasons as to why you’d need to hire a construction company, particularly if you have a physical location for your business.

#2: Design Services

There are also various reasons why you’d hire a design service for your business— and there are also different types of design services. You could hire an interior designer for the inside of your business, a graphic designer to design your website, or even a fashion designer to design your uniforms. However, most businesses use website design services to design their business website— which is a good tool for all businesses to have.

#3: Event Planning Services

If you need to plan a corporate event, whether it’s a job fair or an office party, hiring an event planning service would be a good idea. While you could do this yourself, especially if it’s a small office party you need to plan, hiring a service will take a lot of the work off of your hands. They’ll find the venue and they’ll even hire catering services and other staff you may need.

#4: Landscaping Services

Just as you’ll need to maintain and build on to your building, you’ll also want to maintain the land around your property, and maybe even add a few plants and shrubs. Landscaping services can do the basics, such as cutting your grass on a routine basis, or you can hire a landscaper to add more greenery around your building. The way your business looks on the outside is just as important as the way it looks on the inside.

#5: Printing Services

You may need to hire printing services to help produce promotional items such as T-shirts or stationery. These services mass-produce items that businesses may want to sell or give away, and they have their own special equipment to help them do so.

#6: Recruitment Services

Recruitment services are hiring agencies that take all the work out of looking for qualified candidates to work for you. They know exactly how to market your business in order to attract the best talent for employment. NAS Recruitment is an example of a recruitment marketing company that utilizes digital marketing techniques (in the same way you’d market to consumers) to attract job-seekers who’d be the best match for your business.

#7: Travel Services

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted all over the world since the pandemic began three years ago, traveling for both pleasure and business is on the rise. If you need your employees to travel for work, then hiring traveling services will be a great help. They’ll take care of all of the Major and minor details when it comes to employee travel, and you can even use this service for any employee retreats you may want to have in the future. 

#8: Videography and Photography Services

Video and photo services may be available with certain design services, but if not, it’s not a bad idea to hire these services as well. For example, professional photographers can take pictures for your website, showcasing your products or services in the best light. Videographers can help make videos for your website, whether they’re for your consumers wondering how your products/services work or for future employees curious about your work culture.

Although these services aren’t as common as bookkeeping or marketing services, they’re still helpful, and you may find that you need to hire one or more of them someday. You may even want to give some of these services a try, such as recruitment services, or landscaping and construction services if your business operates out of a physical building.