Tricks to Organize a Cozy Winter Wedding From Start to Finish

Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life? What could be better than a winter wedding that will be beautifully decorated, served with delicious food, and will take place in a fairy tale and magical winter setting in Connecticut? We have no doubt that you can make this dream come true.

We will give you some tips on how to plan a comfortable wedding, and after that, you may relax and realize that everything is possible. Before anything else, to relieve your stress on the entire planning, hiring an experienced Connecticut wedding planner will make a big difference in your wedding planning journey. It’s best to have such an option.

How to Plan Your Wedding Like in Fairy Tales: Some Suggestions

Make preparations and efforts to make your winter wedding comfortable. We’ll give you some tips on how to plan a warm winter wedding:

  • Start with decorations 

Start with the decorations to create an unforgettable wedding; the winter months are ideal since they provide a variety of choices for stunning decorations. As the combination is key and has the power to completely transform a place, be careful to select decor that is appropriate for the season.

Regarding the color combination, you can choose from red and white or white and gold. For stunning centerpieces and bouquets, incorporate evergreen branches, pine cones, and berries. Also, if you want to make your wedding cozy during a cold season, candles are a necessity. Don’t forget to include flowers as well, particularly green and white ones that look stunning over the visitors’ table. To keep your guests warm and comfortable, don’t forget to include some plush blankets and faux fur throws. 

Another way to incorporate tradition and add a special touch to your winter wedding is by choosing a beautiful wedding ketubah. A wedding ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract that is signed by the bride and groom and often displayed in the couple’s home as a work of art

We advise you to work with companies that are experts in decorations; they will give you a variety of decoration proposals to choose from and they will take care of every aspect of the decoration. You will be surprised at what they can achieve for you with professionalism.

moody seasonal bouquet
  • Choose delicious food

The food part of your wedding is what completes it. Choose carefully what you want to serve your guests as a result. Start with the soups, roast meat, and salads, and make sure to select a place that serves delicious meals. Moreover, pick a dessert that will be both beautiful and delicious. Also, you can provide different drinks like mulled wine and hot chocolate.

We want to incorporate the decorative component of the table elements in this section. Choose the proper plates, for instance, you can use disposable plastic plates for weddings as they are more flexible and they can integrate wonderfully with the other decorations because they may be in different colors. They will help you save money and look amazing.

  • Choose right location

Finding a venue for your wedding during the winter months may be more difficult, and there may be certain restrictions. Yet you may locate a great place if you have a strategy and do your research. Choose a location with a comfortable outdoor area. Also, pick a location with big windows that provide an amazing view.

Once you’ve decided on the decor, menu, and setting, you’ll be almost ready and able to sleep better.

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  • Choose the right DJ or band

Choosing the people who will create a fantastic atmosphere for you and your guests is the best part. To play some joyful music and get your guests dancing, hire a live band or a DJ.

Matt Winter Band


Create the wedding of your dreams by selecting the ideal places, using delicious food, and decorating with distinctive decor and colors that go well together. Make sure you hire a live band or a DJ to entertain the wedding guests at the conclusion of the plan.

While the winter months can be a little uncomfortably cold, they are also a great time to plan a beautiful wedding.