Top 5 Game Providers with the Best Crypto Games


More game developers are continuing to create a variety of games that are now available to persons who prefer to use the different types of digital money that are available as crypto gambling rises in popularity among online gamblers. Of course, Bitcoin and Ethereum have proved that there is a huge interest in the crypto world in recent years, and others have begun to follow suit. The tokens have a number of benefits, and the gaming community, perhaps more than anybody else, benefits the most.

The Three Best Crypto Mobile Games You Should Try Right Now

In recent years, cryptocurrency has risen in popularity, establishing itself as a totally unique asset class. The original bitcoin, as well as various new tokens and currencies that have emerged, offer numerous options for investing or spending in crypto. Cryptocurrency production, on the other hand, is restricted, with the majority of people opting for mining. If you are looking for a different approach to get some bitcoin, blockchain and crypto games can be a good fit.

There is a lot going on in the realm of esports, from games creating their own cryptocurrency to crypto exchanges investing in esports and gaming to crypto gambling on esports. Even the slightest aspects of both companies are intertwined. Playing games can now earn you crypto coins. There are a slew of bitcoin and blockchain games to choose from. It can be difficult to tell the difference between individuals who are authentic and those who are not. 

Alien Run

Because of its unique gameplay style, Alien Run deserves a spot on this list of the best crypto games. You go through stages of platforming, just like in a traditional 2D side scroller. For every five levels you complete, you can earn a fraction of a bitcoin. Because there are so many levels here, you can make a lot of money as you go.

This game, unlike the others, is more absorbing and involves more active participation. This is the game for you if you do not like solitaire or tile matching games.

Crypto Planet

Crypto Planet is a bit more entertaining than a simple puzzle game. In this blockchain game, you must explore a crypto planet and mine crystals. This, like other smartphone games, relies on your ability to pass the time. After leaving the digger running on a crystal for a few hours, you return to pick your crystals. As you mine more crystals, you will be able to purchase more space chests. These are the locations where cryptocurrencies can be received. Furthermore, in this blockchain game, your money is saved in an in-game wallet, but it can be transferred to any other wallet. Bitcoin Bounce is successful because it provides a wide range of gameplay possibilities as well as a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want to collect your earnings.

Bitcoin Solitaire

Because it combines a popular phone game with the ability to obtain bitcoin, Bitcoin Solitaire is one of the best crypto mobile games. This is a standard solitaire game, but the faster you complete it, the more points you will earn. You can then convert your points to cryptocurrency using Coinbase. This is a terrific cryptocurrency mining game that stands out from the crowd.

5 Best Crypto Gaming Providers


Betsoft Gaming, a well-known name in the business, is one of the most well-known game developers now available. Many will remember the brand as BSG, and the brand’s reputation among gamers has been overwhelmingly good since its inception in 1999. The company received the prestigious accolade of “Slots Operator of the Year” in 2017, demonstrating how well-liked they are. There are hundreds of BSG slots with a variety of cryptocurrency options. “Greedy Goblins,” “The Golden Owl of Athena,” and “The Glam Life” are among their titles, with the latter offering gamblers the chance to win millions through the utilisation of a progressive jackpot feature.

ELK Studios

Scandinavia is home to a number of excellent slot game developers, like ELK Studios, which was founded in Sweden in 2012. The company has developed to become a major participant in the slot industry as a consequence of their expertise in game design. ELK Studios has an impressive game library, with several titles considered among the best in history. 


Wazdan is a well-known game developer who has proven its potential to flourish and thrive in a beneficial way. Since its founding in 2010, the organization has been able to secure a number of different licences from all around the world, including many of the best. This displays Wazdan’s ability as a game producer, as well as the fact that gamers can appreciate the game’s full potential. This is excellent news for consumers, as the Wazdan games available allow bettors to use their favourite cryptocurrency. “Power of Gods: Hades,” “Infinity Hero,” and “Black Horse Deluxe” are just a handful of the games offered, but there is a wide selection.

Mascot Gaming

Mascot Gaming, although being one of the industry’s smallest gaming businesses, has managed to establish itself as a slot game pioneer since its debut in 2012. They have largely concentrated their efforts on creating the best slot games possible, with many of the Mascot titles available to play using a range of cryptocurrencies.


Since its debut in 2014, Platipus, a game company located in the United Kingdom, has been able to keep gamers interested in its games. This is because they have developed a variety of great slots and table games that may be played and enjoyed.

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