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Top 4 Tools for Promoting Your Music on SoundCloud 

You’ve spent hours perfecting your tracks and are ready to share your music with the world. As an independent artist, promoting your music is key to building an audience and gaining exposure. SoundCloud is a popular platform for musicians to upload and share their songs, but with over 150 million tracks, standing out can be challenging. You don’t have to be afraid, there are tools and strategies to help get your music in front of more listeners. In this article, we’ll explore four of the top tools for promoting your music on SoundCloud so you can take your tracks to the next level. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand your reach, these tools can help take the guesswork out of music promotion and provide a boost for your SoundCloud presence. Read on to discover how to promote your music like a pro.

SoundCloud Promotion: Why It Matters

Promoting your music on SoundCloud is essential if you want to build your fan base and get discovered. Here are a few reasons why SoundCloud promotion should be a top priority:

  • SoundCloud has over 175 million monthly listeners searching for new music to love. With some promotion, you can get your tracks in front of music fans who might become your biggest supporters. 
  • By promoting your music, you increase the chances of getting featured on SoundCloud’s genre charts and curated playlists. Getting featured exposes you to new listeners and is a great way to gain more plays, likes, comments and follows.
  • Promotion helps build your credibility as an artist. The more actively you engage with your followers by promoting your new releases, the more dedicated your fan base will become. Loyal fans will like, repost and comment on your tracks, building your popularity and credibility on the platform.
  • You have more control over your success. While SoundCloud does work to highlight trending tracks, you can’t rely solely on their algorithms to promote your music. By taking promotion into your own hands, you have more influence over how quickly you build your following and get noticed.

Repost Exchange: Exchange Reposts With Other Artists

One of the best ways to get more plays and followers on SoundCloud is to participate in repost exchanges with other artists. Here’s how it works:

You find other musicians with a similar style and fanbase as you. Reach out and ask if they’d be interested in an exchange where you repost one of their tracks, and they repost one of yours. Many artists are open to this, as it’s a win-win.

To find good matches, search SoundCloud for relevant tags and see which artists come up. Check if they have a similar number of followers as you, and if you genuinely like their music. If it seems like a good fit, send them a polite message. Something like:

“Hey, I’m an artist on SoundCloud making solo music. I really dig your sound and style. Would you be interested in doing a repost exchange where we each repost one of the other’s tracks to our followers? I’ve found it’s a great way for artists to discover each other and gain new listeners.”

If they’re interested, choose one of their songs to share on your profile. Repost it, and let them know so they can return the favor. Your followers will get exposed to their music, and vice versa.

SoundCloud Promotion Apps: Apps That Help Promote Your Music

Repost Exchange

The Repost Exchange app allows you to repost other SoundCloud users’ tracks in exchange for them reposting yours. You set up an account, select the genre of music you make, and the app will match you with other users who make similar music. You can then listen to each other’s tracks, like and repost the ones you enjoy, and they’ll do the same for you. It’s an easy way to expand your reach and gain new listeners.

Cross Promotion

Using the Cross Promotion app, you can set up promotional campaigns where a group of SoundCloud users will actively like, comment on, repost and share each other’s new uploads for a set period of time. The more users who join the campaign, the bigger the impact. Cross Promotion has a large network of independent artists across many genres, so you’re likely to find other musicians with a similar sound and audience. Joining forces is an effective way to increase plays, gain followers, and spread the word about your music.

Repost for SoundCloud

Repost for SoundCloud makes it simple to repost your favorite tracks to your SoundCloud profile. Just search for songs by genre, tag or location and the app will display trending tracks that match your search. When you find one you like, you can easily repost it to your profile with the click of a button. Your followers will then see that new track in their stream, exposing them to music from other artists they might enjoy. Using an app like Repost for SoundCloud is a win-win – you gain new listeners and help other artists reach new fans at the same time.

SoundCloud Reposter

If you want to automate liking, reposting and commenting on other SoundCloud tracks to increase your visibility, SoundCloud Reposter can help. You enter your SoundCloud login info, select your preferred genres and the app will automatically start engaging with songs that match your tastes. The more the app engages, the more your profile will appear in other users’ activity feeds. While automation may seem inauthentic, using a tool like Reposter in moderation can be an effective way to gain initial exposure and get on the radar of listeners who will genuinely appreciate your music. The key is finding the right balance so your interactions still feel real.

Buy SoundCloud Followers and

One of the best ways to gain more followers and increase plays on SoundCloud is to buy SoundCloud followers. While buying followers won’t necessarily lead to more fan engagement or turn casual listeners into superfans, it can help boost your visibility and credibility on the platform.

The most important thing is finding a reputable service that provides high-quality SoundCloud followers like Subscriberz. Avoid any service that claims to provide an unrealistic number of followers for a low price. These are often bot accounts that will not engage with your profile. 

Why Buy Followers?

While buying followers is controversial, there are a few benefits to consider:

  • Increased visibility: More followers means more people will discover your profile, especially if you appear in the “Popular Upcoming” charts.
  • Social proof: A higher follower count, even if some followers are purchased, creates the perception that you’re an established artist. This can make you seem more credible to real fans and industry professionals.
  • Ranking algorithm: SoundCloud’s algorithm factors in your number of followers, plays, likes, and reposts to determine how prominently you rank in search results and categories. More followers may lead to higher rankings, especially for new artists.


So, there you have it, the top 4 tools for getting your SoundCloud music in front of more listeners. While promotion can feel tedious at times, using the right tools will make the process much more efficient and effective. Give these tools a shot, be consistent, engage with your fans, and keep making great music. Before you know it, you’ll have built up an audience of loyal listeners who can’t wait to hear what you release next. The key is just getting started. Stop waiting for the perfect time or the perfect track and start putting your music out there today using the tools and tips you’ve learned. You’ve got this! Now go spread your music to the world.