Top 10 Ways to Make Money on ISP Reselling Proxies

Before buying and using the ISP proxies, you must understand them. Using a proxy helps protect your personal information. ISPs supply residential proxy IP addresses (Internet Service Providers).

An ISP proxy is an IP address that belongs to an Internet service provider but is never used in direct communication with end users. Instead of using a personal computer, a server is used (like a mobile phone or desktop computer).

On the other hand, static proxies are used only to be server locations. When hosted on the cloud, things may remain accessible for an extended period.

Residential proxies collect IP addresses from mobile devices and computers when users forget to turn off Wi-Fi. A single home IP address for P2P networks became unstable.

What Are ISP Proxies?

Internet service provider proxies are virtual IP addresses that reside on server hardware in data centers. On the other hand, ISP IP addresses are not associated with any particular datacenter. An ISP proxy will hide behind IP addresses that belong to that provider (ISP).

Simply put, ISP proxies are a hybrid between a datacenter and residential proxies. These proxies have various uses. When it comes to copping sneakers online, ISP Proxies are among the best options. The ISP proxies sneakers have gained much fame among users. They can buy premium shoes for their businesses and generate money through the proxies. Security for web scraping is ensured by using a home proxy instead of a proxy located in a datacenter.

Datacenter proxies are the best option if you need to complete your work quickly and cannot afford to wait for slower proxies. ISP proxies have the advantages of both datacenter proxies and residential proxies. But they may be more costly than both a datacenter and a residential proxy.

Ways to Make Money With ISP Reselling Proxies

  1. Create an Ad-Supported Public Proxy Server

Proxy servers are often used in place of a regular browser. You may use a free ISP proxy service to hide your IP address when browsing the web. It is the fundamental concept of using proxies privately.

Having your proxy available to the whole public is something you may do as the proxy’s owner. 

If you make your proxy server accessible by reselling them to the public, you may monetize it by displaying advertisements. It’s possible that if enough people interact with these ads, the business will profit. Your site offers anonymity and proxy ease while running as an ad-supported site.

  1. SERP Tracker Monitors Google SERPS

Websites compete to get on the top page of search results as SEO has become a lucrative industry. It’s common knowledge that the longevity of a website has little to do with its success.

Even if your website is 10 or 15 years old, it might never appear on the first page of Google’s search results. On the other hand, a website that’s just been up for a month may easily take the top spot in a Google search.

The first and most crucial step in SEO is focusing on keyword placement. Knowing what people look for might help you produce relevant information.

To collect keyword positions and ranks, you will need the proxy to do web scraping. This data is very valuable, and you can make a lot of money by selling it. Some people and corporations buy this data for SEO purposes.

  1. Gain Financial Success With Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter grew to incorporate business organizations. It’s no longer the case that people only use these apps while traveling. More and more businesses are joining the social media marketing fray. 

However, you need to publish regularly, like three to five times per day, seven days per week, if you want to see a lot of interaction.

Having a presence on more than one platform helps boost your audience engagement. However, if these social networking sites see a lot of activity coming from the same IP address, they may block you.

Social media marketing strategies will benefit from using ISP proxies in conjunction with software. Sign up for several accounts on the following sites while hiding behind various IP addresses to start secretly.

You may use your proxies with a variety of popular programs, but one of the best is Follow Liker. It gives you complete control over how Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter look and function.

Social media marketing for your company can be successful with a proxy server and the right software. Profound business owners may use proxies to provide social media services to other companies. You can sell your ISP proxies to these entrepreneurs and earn money from it.

  1. Participate in DDoOS Tests

Anonymous gave DDoS a bad reputation by bringing down the government and large organization websites. You shouldn’t utilize Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks illegally.

To what end, therefore, are DDoS attacks recommended as a means of monetizing proxies? In any case, you may lawfully use this technique.

You may sell your skills as a DDoS tester, ensuring the safety of different websites. If you have the necessary coding abilities and ISP proxy servers, you may make a lot of money as a DDoS tester.

  1. Get Paid to Surf the Web by Using Scrapebox

ScrapeBox is an SEO application. Everything you need for a successful SEO campaign or plan is included in ScrapeBox.

Priced at $197, Scrapebox is sometimes discounted to $99. The Windows operating system is required for the use of Scrapebox.

A proxy server or ISP proxies are also necessary for using Scrapebox. If you have access to proxies, then using Scrapebox is a no-brainer. More leads for your business or brand means more opportunities to close those leads into sales. Make sure to sell the proxies to those business owners willing to use the servers for Scrapebox.

  1. Create an Encrypted SSL Connection Through an ISP Proxy

For a website to be trusted as secure and safe, it must have a valid SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate installed. Each certificate, it should be noted, had a hefty price tag.

If someone owned five domains, they’d need five certificates. Using your proxy to lower users’ SSL encryption costs is one approach to making money.

ISP proxies buffer website attacks, traffic, and requests. Customers save money by buying a single certificate for all domains and websites. Instead, your proxy may act as the trusted domain, redirecting all of their traffic via itself.

With many dynamic IP addresses, this strategy will function much more smoothly. Thus, these websites will not need to share either an IP address or a domain and you can sell your proxies to them.

  1. Views on YouTube for Sale

While it is a common way to employ proxies, YouTube (and by extension, Google) does not approve of it. Video views are the most crucial component for determining a video’s position in YouTube’s ranking system.

Automation of YouTube views is possible with the use of ISP proxies and code. You must first submit the proxy IP address to the YouTube video and then tell it (through software) to view it. When you are finished, have the proxy refresh the page so you can continue watching.

This, of course, distorts the way things really are. But it will lead to more views for your video. If you can attract a sizable audience, it will generate income on its own. And if not, you may resell access to your proxies and the corresponding code to others.

  1. Buying Tickets to Resell Later

Proxies may be used to jump the ticket line to buy a large number of tickets to a famous concert. So, you decide to treat the 100+ friends you have to a night out. Most of the tickets will be sold, and you may expect to make a profit.

Premium proxy services often provide proxies that Ticketmaster may use to purchase events. Ticketmaster often refreshes its list of prohibited IP addresses, adding effort and cost.

  1. Giving Peers and Fellow Students Entry

If money is your primary motivation for doing the proxy business, you should stick to the local scene. If you acquire 20 top private ISP proxies, you may give secure and easy access to otherwise inaccessible websites. 

Online services such as Netflix, Facebook, and YouTube are what we are referring to. You may earn a few dollars per person each week — or day. It depends on your ambition and what people are prepared to pay to access school and workplace-restricted sites.

  1. Spending Money on a Pair of Nike’s Limited Edition Sneakers

The secondary market for rare Nikes is a multimillion-dollar industry, much to that for resold concert tickets. This step employs proxies to add limited-edition Nike models to your cart (or the proxy’s cart), which may then be resold at a greater price.

Nike disapproves of such conduct but exploits such situations as market research.

Final Words

Are you relieved to have discovered so many opportunities for profiting from that group of proxies?

Proxy servers themselves are tremendously helpful, but the methods you use to generate money with them are what really matter. As with most things in life, success requires an investment of time and energy over the long term.