Is it worth spending on a motorcycle accident attorney in Tucson?

Bikers and motorcyclists should take every possible step to avoid an injury on the road. Sadly, motorcycle accidents happen all the time in Tucson, and because riders on two-wheelers are not as protected, they often suffer horrific injuries. The question is whether you should seek legal representation after the accident. The truth is recovering compensation from the at-fault party won’t be as easy. Hiring an attorney could be the best step for the given circumstances. In this post, we are sharing more details about how a lawyer can be your biggest resource.

You need to know the state laws

Arizona’s state laws allow you to find a motorcycle accident claim for most situations, even when you are more liable than the other party. The state follows the pure comparative fault rule, which is exceptionally claimant-friendly. Your lawyer can give you a brief about the claim, what the state laws say for such situations, and how you can put a dollar value on your damages.

You don’t need to pay an upfront fee

If you are worried about the financial implications of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer, you should know that law firms in Tucson take injury claims and lawsuits on a contingency fee. You only pay for the lawyer’s work when you recover a settlement. The lawyer doesn’t get a fixed retainer amount, and in return, they will demand a percentage of the final amount. Also, you don’t need to pay a lawyer to evaluate your case.

Lawyers have the knowledge and skills

A proficient injury lawyer has probably handled numerous motorcycle accident claims in their practice. They know exactly what to expect from the case and how to go further to maximize compensation. While you may find details about Arizona laws through an online search, you still need bespoke advice, and an experienced lawyer will ensure that you don’t miss your chance. Also, lawyers know insurance companies are unlikely to make a decent offer and will negotiate for you accordingly.

You may need to go to court

The majority of motorcycle accident cases are settled through discussion. Although litigation is always an expensive option, it may be the only choice in some circumstances. Your lawyer is your most extensive resource for fighting it out in court. They will take all appropriate steps to represent you at trial and argue aggressively in court.

Don’t wait for too long to hire an attorney.