How to Get a Car Loan with A Bad Credit Score

Everyone has experienced a time in their lives when they couldn’t get a loan. Maybe you were going through a tough financial time and didn’t qualify for a traditional loan. Maybe you had poor credit before, but you’ve since cleaned it up. Regardless of the reason, if you have a poor credit score now, there are still some companies that will provide bad credit car finance in NZ. In this blog post, we will outline some of the most common methods and explain exactly how they work.

Facts about Bad Credit Car Loans

There are a few things to keep in mind if you have a poor credit score. First, your interest rates will be higher than someone with a better credit score. Second, you may have to provide more documentation when applying for a car loan. Finally, you may need to show proof of insurance and liability insurance before getting a car loan.

How to Get a Car Loan with a Bad Credit Score

If you have a bad credit score, you may be wondering how to get a car loan. It’s not always easy, but there are some steps you can take to improve your chances.

First, make sure you understand your credit score and what it means. This will give you an overview of your current credit situation, including your credit score and details about any active loans or debts.

Next, review your borrowing history. This includes everything from car loans and personal loans to student loans and mortgages. Try to find any instances where you borrowed money without being able to repay it or where the terms of the loan were unfavorable. This information can help you improve your chances of getting a car loan in the future.

Finally, build up a good credit history yourself by using responsible financial habits such as paying bills on time and maintaining a healthy debt-to-income ratio. Doing this will show lenders that you’re a responsible borrower who will be able to repay a car loan in full and on time.

What to Do if You Don’t Qualify for a Loan

If you have a poor credit score, don’t despair. There are still ways to get a car loan. You may be able to get a car loan with a low deposit or an interest rate that’s lower than the rates offered to people with good credit scores.

You can also explore other financing options, such as leasing or borrowing through a family member or friend. If all else fails, consider applying for a small car loan. These loans often have lower interest rates and require less documentation than traditional car loans.


If you have a bad credit score, it can be difficult to get approved for a car loan. However, there are still some options available to you. You may be able to find a car loan with lower interest rates if you have excellent credit. You may also be able to secure a car loan through a dealership that specializes in lending to people with poor credit scores. If all else fails, consider using the tips in this article to improve your credit score before applying for a car loan. Good luck!