Cutaway Collar Vs. Traditional Collar: Which Dress Shirt Is Right For You?

Choosing a dress shirt can considerably impact your look and style in men’s fashion. Among the many aspects of a dress shirt, the collar is crucial in framing your face and enhancing your image. When it comes to collars, the cutaway collar and the classic collar are two popular possibilities. Each collar type, including the dress shirt cutaway collar, has its characteristics and adds a different character to your ensemble. This blog examines the distinctions between these collars and helps you decide which is best for you. 

The Classic Charm Of The Traditional Collar

The conventional collar’s essential charm is a timeless and enduring trait, making it a fixture in men’s fashion. This collar style, also known as the point collar, exudes refined beauty and sophistication that has lasted through generations. Here, we’ll look at the numerous aspects of the conventional collar’s timeless appeal. 

Timeless Elegance

The sharp collar points that delicately frame the face define the traditional collar. These collar points typically spread moderately, balancing formality and versatility. This design has withstood the test of time, delivering a timeless sense of elegance. 


The classic collar’s incredible adaptability is one of its most appealing features. It acts as a blank canvas, letting you express yourself through your choice of ties and accessories. Depending on your style and the event’s formality, you can pair it with various tie knots, ranging from the classic Four-in-Hand to the more substantial Windsor knot. 

Understated Sophistication

The conventional collar conveys an air of understated refinement. It does not scream for attention but discreetly displays a refined fashion sense. It makes it an excellent alternative for individuals who value essential elegance without the need for ornate decorations. 

Face Shape Enhancement

The moderate spread of the collar and its sharp collar tips intend to complement a variety of face forms. The conventional collar can help persons with round faces generate the illusion of extra length and angularity.

Heritage and Tradition

In men’s fashion, the classic collar conveys a sense of heritage and tradition. It harkens back to a time when gentlemen took pride in their appearance. This historical connection can lend depth and importance to your clothing, allowing you to participate in a rich sartorial tradition. 

The Bold Statement Of The Cutaway Collar

In recent years, the cutaway collar—also called the spread collar—has gained popularity for its ability to make a bold and eye-catching fashion statement. It seems more current and trendy than its more conventional relatives. In this article, we’ll examine the cutaway collar’s striking appearance and why it’s a favorite among men who want to make a fashion statement. 

Modern Aesthetic

The most distinctive trait of a cutaway collar is the massive chasm that separates its points. This cutting-edge design element sets it apart from the traditional collar and lends it an air of relaxed sophistication. This is a popular choice for people who want to project an image of modern chic because of the broad, confident spread that it affords. 

Ideal for Wide Ties

The cutaway collar is for you if you like to use wide ties with substantial knots, like the Windsor or the Half-Windsor. Its spacious construction allows for the display of elaborate tie knots that make a strong fashion statement. The versatility of the collar with wide ties increases its appeal to individuals looking to make a statement. 

Casual to Formal Versatility

The cutaway collar is a statement of flexibility and adaptability despite its frequent appearance on more casual and business-casual garments. Putting on the right clothes and accessories can dramatically change from casual to formal. This versatility makes it a good option for those who like having options regarding their clothing.

Enhanced Face Framing

The cutaway collar’s popularity stems from its ability to accommodate broader ties and its effectiveness as a face frame. Those that possess this quality also tend to have attractive round or oval faces. The cutaway collar adds a touch of class and style by drawing more attention to your face and lengthening the appearance of your neck. 

Trendy Appeal

Cutaway collars are popular among fashion-conscious people and celebrities because they are stylish and fashion-forward. It’s a collar style regularly seen on runways and in fashion magazines, adding to its image as a mark of flair and sophistication. 

Finding The Right Collar For You

How do you know which collar suits you now that we’ve discussed the attributes of standard and cutaway collars? Here are some things to think about: 

Face Shape 

When selecting a collar style, keep your facial shape in mind. The classic collar represents a dependable choice for most face shapes, whereas those with round or oval faces might find the cutaway collar more flattering.

Neck Length 

If you have a shorter neck, a classic collar may be a better option because it does not emphasize the width of your neck as the cutaway collar does. 

Personal Style

Your unique style and fashion choices are essential. The conventional collar may suit you better if you want a classic and timeless aesthetic. On the other hand, the cutaway collar is a terrific alternative if you enjoy playing with fashion and want to make a statement. 


Consider the event before deciding on a collar style. Although traditional collars are more appropriate for formal occasions, cutaway collars can easily be dressed up or down.  

Tie Choice

If you have a lot of wide ties or only wear specific knots on your ties, pick a collar style that works with your collection. The collar’s cutaway design makes larger knots and tie blades now possible. 

The Verdict

Whether one opts for a cutaway or a traditional collar depends on personal preference, facial features, and the desired image. While the traditional collar radiates sophistication and versatility, the cutaway collar exudes edginess and innovation. Its sleek, contemporary design is perfect for those who value both improved facial framing and the ability to make a bold fashion statement. 

The cutaway collar is favored by those who place equal priority on fashion and function in their dress shirts since it can be worn with various neckties and can transition from business casual to formal with ease. The cutaway collar is the one to wear if you want to draw attention to yourself and flaunt your sense of style in men’s fashion.