7 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Wedding Caterer

The caterer you choose for your wedding will have a big impact on the quality and value of your food and service. That’s why it’s important to take the time to do your research.

Start by asking for recommendations from friends, family and colleagues. Many venues also have lists of preferred caterers.

1. Look for Experience

Most wedding venues have a list of approved caterers they work with. This is a great way to start your search, and it will also help ensure that the caterer you choose is familiar with your venue.

Discover the ideal wedding caterer at experience matters for a perfect culinary celebration on your special day.

Once you know more or less how many guests you will be inviting and what dining style (buffet, food stations, plated sit-down dinner, etc) you are looking for it will be easier to narrow down potential options. Knowing your budget and vision will make the process a lot quicker as well.

Be sure to ask your potential catering service how they handle allergies and dietary restrictions as well. It is important to be able to accommodate all of your guests, no matter their needs.

2. Ask for Sample Menus

The catering menu is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. Look for a caterer that specializes in the type of food you want to serve and can also accommodate any dietary restrictions or substitutions your guests may have.

Ask for references from past weddings and read online reviews. These can help you get a feel for the quality of work, responsiveness and problem solving abilities of the caterer.

Once you have narrowed down your search, schedule tastings with the finalists. Before the tasting, be sure to discuss your budget and the style of service you’re looking for.

3. Look for a Reputation

Often, the best way to find a caterer is through a recommendation from a friend or vendor who has worked with them before. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to have someone to recommend one for you, there are a few other ways to find the perfect wedding caterer.

Look for caterers who have a good reputation and solid experience. Ask about their past clients and read reviews to get an idea of the level of service they provide.

Be sure to also check whether a caterer offers beverages as part of their catering services. This could include everything from a fully-stocked bar to coffee, tea, or juice service.

4. Check for Insurance

Insurance is always a good idea when you’re working with a vendor that will be handling so much money and personal property. Look for general and liquor liability.

Caterers should have liability insurance to cover any accidents or damages that could occur during your wedding event. They also need to have insurance coverage in case any food or drinks are served to guests who suffer from a food-borne illness.

Many caterers offer catering packages that will help you plan your budget more easily. Packages often include appetizers, salad, entree and dessert (or cake). Some caterers will even provide coffee service and wine!

5. Check for Availability

It’s important to find a caterer who is available on your wedding day. It will eliminate the stress of rushing to sign a contract or worrying about a caterer not showing up on your big day.

If your venue has a list of approved or preferred caterers choose a vendor on that list. This will ensure that your caterer is familiar with the space and has a good working relationship with your venue’s staff.

Be prepared to ask questions at your initial meeting with a potential caterer. A good caterer will respond promptly and provide detailed answers.

6. Check for Pricing

When you meet with caterers, ask them to break down their packages and what each option costs. Some extras, like the premium menu choices and late night food stations may add up quickly on your final invoice.

Depending on your budget, trimming down the guest count is one of the best ways to save on wedding catering. This will help you focus on caterers that are able to work within your budget.

It’s also important to choose a caterer that specializes in the style of food and service you want for your big day. Caterers often have a staff-to-guest ratio they prefer to follow, so make sure you know how many servers will be working on your wedding day.

7. Check for Service

A quality caterer will provide you with a professional and attentive service. They will answer all of your questions promptly and in full. Difficulty in communication with a potential caterer might indicate they’re not the ideal choice for your wedding. Visit Crateful Catering website for better connection.

A good catering company will offer a variety of additional services that can help make your wedding day easier and less stressful. This may include things such as linens, menu design and bartending services.

When choosing a wedding caterer, it is important to consider their experience, reputation, ability to accommodate special dietary needs, pricing and staffing. Be sure to check out online reviews before making your decision.