5 Ways to Make Extra Rent Money Now in Houston, TX

Being uncertain about making the rent on time is always incredibly stressful. Thankfully, there are many ways you can earn extra money quickly to ensure you’re not late on paying your rent. In Houston, there are many ways to flexibly earn cash, and pay your rent. Here are five ways to make extra rent money now in Houston, TX:

1. Apply for Rental Assistance 

Do not feel guilty seeking assistance. After all, we all need help sometimes, especially in today’s harsh economic climate. Local groups may be able to help you get back on your feet if you really need assistance paying your rent, and in Houston, there are plenty of services that specialize in doing so (especially for those with families who require rental assistance. Finding rental assistance in Houston is a breeze thanks to the internet, so if you’re willing to spend some time looking into what programs you qualify for, and applying for assistance, you’ll be back on your feet in no time. 

2. Sign Up to Drive for Ride Share Apps

Do you drive a vehicle that would work well as a rideshare vehicle? Rideshare apps let you make money immediately and often pay out the same day. That being said, there are some drawbacks you should consider before signing up. First, make sure to review the rideshare regulations in your area to make sure you’re eligible to be a driver (and that your car can legally operate as a rideshare vehicle). After all, rideshare operations are forbidden in some locales. Secondly, you should consider whether or not you feel safe operating a rideshare vehicle. In some cities, ride shares are known to give out sizable sign-up bonuses. Houston is always in need of extra rideshare drivers, so you’re likely to find a rideshare app that’s offering a sign-up bonus. Typically, however, you have to drive a certain amount before receiving this bonus. 

3. Take on Some Side Gigs 

Consider all the members in your neighborhood who might benefit from a helpful hand. Perhaps assistance is required to relocate an elderly couple, or your neighbors need help painting their fence sometime soon. To see if someone in your neighborhood would hire you as a mover, check out Craigslist. There are tons of freelance gigs and job opportunities listed that can help you make extra rent money quickly. A fantastic method to make additional money is by mowing lawns. You may volunteer to plow your neighbor’s driveway when it snows if it’s freezing outside. You may even get extra proactive by posting about any services you’re offering on Craigslist, letting your neighbors know that you’re willing to do labor for some quick cash. 

4. Seek Out Free Food

Free meals and other activities are frequently provided to the neighborhood by nearby churches, charities, and community centers. You could save the money you would have spent on meals if you didn’t have to and apply it to your rent payment at the end of the month. You can easily search for free food providers in your area. Depending on your level of income, you may or may not qualify for some programs. In Houston, many different programs offer free food to anyone in need, so get looking! Each meal you get for free will help you ensure that you have enough money to pay rent on time. 

5. Recycle Old Materials and Belongings

When you bring recyclable goods into your neighborhood, recyclers will pay you cash right there and then. The most common recyclable item is aluminum cans, but you’d need several truckloads to cover your rent! Copper, large batteries, and other materials can be eligible for cash reimbursement. Do you own an outdated PC, or do you know someone who is attempting to get rid of a large number of old PCs? Let Atlanta computer recycling handle the job to avoid any contamination from hazardous materials in the old computers. Ask about the most recent prices on gadgets by calling several recycling centers in your area. Do your research and exercise caution because some materials may be deemed e-waste and you may incur fees for dropping them off. Old smartphone models are incredibly popular to recycle as well. 

Stop Fretting About the Future

With these five routes, you can stop fretting about whether or not you’ll pay rent on time. Now that you feel secure, you can take your time finding that extra rent money that you need right now. Doing so can help you focus on the things in life that truly matter.