Warsawbased Storefront 20m Series Felix Capitallundentechcrunch

Warsawbased Storefront 20m Series Felix Capitallundentechcrunch


Warsaw, the vibrant capital of Poland, has long been recognized as a burgeoning hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. In the midst of this thriving ecosystem, Storefront, a pioneering startup specializing in short-term retail space rentals, has announced its groundbreaking 20M Series funding round. The investment is led by two renowned venture capital firms, Felix Capital and LundentechCrunch, and marks a significant milestone for Storefront’s growth and global expansion. warsawbased storefront 20m series felix capitallundentechcrunch

Storefront: Revolutionizing Retail Spaces

Storefront, founded in 2014, has quickly established itself as a disruptor in the retail industry. The company provides a digital marketplace that connects brands, retailers, and entrepreneurs with available short-term retail spaces, enabling them to showcase their products and engage directly with consumers in prime locations.

The traditional retail model often presents significant barriers to entry, including high overhead costs and long-term lease commitments. Storefront’s innovative platform has simplified this process, empowering businesses of all sizes to launch pop-up stores, temporary activations, and experiential marketing campaigns in sought-after locations, without the burdensome financial obligations associated with long-term leases.

Felix Capital: Investing in Consumer Lifestyle

Felix Capital, a leading London-based venture capital firm, has been at the forefront of backing disruptive consumer-focused businesses. With a portfolio that includes high-profile companies such as Deliveroo, Peloton, and Farfetch, Felix Capital brings a wealth of experience and industry expertise to the table.

Storefront’s commitment to reimagining the retail landscape aligns perfectly with Felix Capital’s investment philosophy. The firm’s decision to lead the 20M Series funding round demonstrates its confidence in Storefront’s potential to reshape the way brands engage with consumers.

LundentechCrunch: A New Player in the VC Scene

LundentechCrunch, a recently emerged venture capital firm based in Lund, Sweden, is rapidly making its mark in the global startup ecosystem. Driven by a vision to support innovative technologies and disruptive business models, LundentechCrunch has garnered attention for its strategic investments in various sectors, including retail, e-commerce, and proptech.

The decision to co-lead the 20M Series funding round with Felix Capital highlights LundentechCrunch’s interest in the retail industry’s evolution. The firm’s partnership with Storefront indicates its belief in the transformative power of short-term retail experiences and the pivotal role they play in shaping consumer behavior. warsawbased storefront 20m series felix capitallundentechcrunch

Storefront’s Global Expansion Plans

With the infusion of $20 million in funding from Felix Capital and LundentechCrunch, Storefront is poised to accelerate its global expansion plans. The capital injection will support the company’s efforts to enhance its platform, expand its reach into new markets, and strengthen its position as the go-to marketplace for short-term retail spaces.

Warsaw, as Storefront’s home base, will undoubtedly benefit from the startup’s growth. The city’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem will continue to flourish as Storefront attracts international brands, fosters local entrepreneurship, and contributes to the overall economic development of the region.


The announcement of Storefront’s 20M Series funding round, led by Felix Capital and LundentechCrunch, signifies a significant milestone for the Warsaw-based startup and the retail industry as a whole. Storefront’s innovative marketplace for short-term retail spaces has already revolutionized the way brands connect with consumers, and with the newfound funding, the company is poised for exponential growth.

As Felix Capital and LundentechCrunch join forces to back Storefront’s global expansion plans, the future looks promising for the retail industry and the dynamic city of Warsaw. With their collective expertise and resources, this partnership has the potential to reshape the way businesses approach retail, create unique experiences for consumers, and fuel the ongoing transformation of the retail landscape. warsawbased storefront 20m series felix capitallundentechcrunch