The Benefits Of Playing Cricket Cannot Be Ignored.

Cricket happens to be a team sport. It is a common sight when we come across popular players indulging in a game of cricket and go gaga over the same. There does belong a passionate set of players who are glued to the international cricket score live on the TVs and mobile phones. Irrespective of the form of the game the magnitude of the game keeps on increasing with the number of international matches on the rise. At the same time, there are health benefits to playing cricket of which you should be aware.

Playing cricket is not only good for the body but even for our muscles. There are a few physical benefits of playing cricket as follows

  • Stamina: The game of cricket requires you to sprint among the wickets; you need to run down to bowl, or you may have to chase the ball to save a few crucial runs. With the constant running on the field, your stamina is bound to increase at an alarming rate.
  • Endurance- irrespective of the fact whether it is a 20 over, 50 over or test cricket. Each game of cricket is bound to have long sessions. With perked-up stamina, you tend to be active and agile for the long cricket sessions, which ensures that the body can cope with the wear and tear of the game.
  • Balance: The game of cricket requires you to achieve the highest levels of balance that enhance your stability. The moment you are playing cricket not only your physical but your mental aspect also comes into consideration. Balance turns out to be the core of any athletic aspect, as it controls all the body’s movements.
  • Hand-eye coordination: There are various advantages to playing cricket. But coordinated hand and eye movements turn out to be the most important. An example is a bowler releasing the ball, the batsman playing the shot, and the fielder going on to grab the ball. Each and every action in the game requires a proper balance between your hands and your eyes. This leads to proper development when it comes to the balance of the body.
  • Burning calories—for amateurs, cricket turns out to be an ideal game since it helps you shed those extra calories faster than ever. Being professionals in cricket, most of them are known to comply with a stringent fitness schedule. This is all taking into consideration the fitness model and the regime that they go on to follow from time to time.
  • Muscle building: from balancing, striking, catching, or throwing, every action in a cricket game involves some of your muscles. Not only does it contribute to the overall building of your muscles, but it is also known to keep them in perfect shape. There is no denying the fact that this is one of the best exercises that help you to gain muscles and tone your body.
  • Heart health: There are a lot of physical activities that encourage your heart to perform at an optimum level. With cricket, there are a series of peaks involved. These short breaks followed by recouping would be beneficial for your heart’s health. Even a periodic spike in your heart health is good for the condition of the heart as it prevents the blocking of the arteries or blood vessels.
  • Flexibility- it is a lot identical to the shape of the cricket pitch the health benefits of involving in this game are also known to extend to 360 degrees. To remain ahead in the game, you need to move with increased agility and flexibility. The moment you have increased flexibility, your muscle mass improves, which prevents injuries due to overstretching of the muscles in any form.
  • Motor skills: Indulging in a game of cricket is one of the better ways to enhance your motor skills. Though motor skills are important, fine motor skills have an important role to play when it comes to the large body muscles that are expected to put them to work.
  • Metabolism: Time and time again, it has been mentioned that when you play cricket, your body tends to be in a workout state. There is a breakdown of fat, and the energy released is there to retain the body’s activities. Not only it improves metabolism but it keeps a health check when it comes to weight gain.

The physiological benefits of playing cricket

Indulging in a game of cricket has a positive impact on your mind too. Some of the benefits are as follows

  • Team skills—the game of cricket is all about team skills and coordination. If you have 11 players on both sides, there has to be teamwork in place to develop strategies that are going to help you win matches. Hence, one of the important benefits of the game of cricket is that it happens to be a team game.
  • Concentration: the game of cricket is one where you need to make timely decisions with precision. Not only does it require concentration, but you also need to possess perfect judgement skills. Not only does it sharpen the mind, but you end up developing analytical skills in the process.
  • Social skills: not only are you going to interact with your team members but also with your competitors, so you pick up a host of social skills in the bargain. There are going to be a few games when you win and some you will lose. It helps you cope with different situations and learn how to deal with them in a proper manner.
  • Mental state: the moment you play the game of cricket, it is bound to improve your focus and attention span at a greater level. Such trials not only helps you to remain active but you tend to become agile at the same time. All of them goes on to enhance your productivity and well being to a considerable extent.

These are some of the benefits associated with playing cricket that you need to be aware.

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