startup wagestream 60m smash 115mlundentechcrunch

Startup Wagestream 60m Smash 115mlundentechcrunch


London-based startup Wagestream has recently made waves in the financial technology (FinTech) industry with its groundbreaking concept of providing employees with on-demand access to their earned wages. In a remarkable turn of events, the company has secured an impressive $60 million in its latest funding round, propelling it to the forefront of the paytech revolution. With a valuation reaching $115 million, Wagestream is poised to reshape the traditional payroll landscape and empower workers around the world. This article delves into Wagestream’s innovative approach, the significance of its recent funding, and the company’s potential to transform the future of work. startup wagestream 60m smash 115mlundentechcrunch

Revolutionizing Payroll: The Wagestream Solution

Wagestream was founded in 2018 by Peter Briffett and Portman Wills, with the goal of addressing financial instability among workers caused by the monthly payroll cycle. Traditional pay schedules often leave employees struggling to meet their financial obligations, leading to stress, anxiety, and even reliance on expensive payday loans. Wagestream aims to alleviate these challenges by giving employees access to their earned wages at any point during the pay cycle, effectively disrupting the norm of waiting for the end-of-month paycheck.

How Wagestream Works

Wagestream partners with employers who integrate their systems with Wagestream’s platform. This collaboration allows employees to view their accrued wages in real-time via a mobile app. With a few taps, employees can instantly transfer a portion of their earned wages directly into their bank accounts whenever they need it. This empowers workers to access their earnings before the official payday, providing greater financial flexibility and promoting financial well-being. startup wagestream 60m smash 115mlundentechcrunch

The Significance of the $60 Million Funding Round

Wagestream’s recent funding round, which generated an impressive $60 million, demonstrates the growing interest and confidence in the company’s vision. The round was led by venture capital firm Northzone, with participation from Balderton Capital, QED Investors, and others. The infusion of funds will enable Wagestream to further expand its global footprint, enhance its technology, and develop new features to better serve employees and employers alike.

The Implications for the Future of Work

Wagestream’s success and continued growth have significant implications for the future of work. By offering on-demand access to earned wages, the startup not only alleviates financial stress but also fosters financial literacy and empowerment among employees. By enabling workers to take control of their earnings, Wagestream empowers them to better manage their finances, reduce debt, and save for the future. This newfound financial stability can improve employee well-being, productivity, and overall job satisfaction.

Moreover, Wagestream’s approach has garnered praise for promoting social responsibility and ethical business practices. By eliminating the need for employees to resort to costly payday loans or other predatory financial services, Wagestream is helping to combat income inequality and support fairer wages for workers.

The Road Ahead

With its recent funding round and valuation of $115 million, Wagestream is well-positioned to drive the future of paytech innovation. The company has already established partnerships with numerous organizations, including the NHS and hospitality giant Compass Group, and aims to expand its reach to more employers across various sectors. The investment will fuel the development of new features, such as financial education tools and budgeting assistance, further enhancing Wagestream’s value proposition.


Wagestream’s game-changing approach to paytech has earned it significant recognition and funding, propelling the company to the forefront of the industry. By disrupting the traditional payroll cycle, Wagestream empowers workers by providing on-demand access to their earned wages, promoting financial well-being, and fostering a more equitable work environment. As Wagestream continues to grow and innovate, it is reshaping the future of work, inspiring other startups, and transforming the way employees are paid worldwide. startup wagestream 60m smash 115mlundentechcrunch