Ransomware Solution: Ways to Identify Ransomware

If you have been a victim of this type of malware, you will need to know how to identify the ransomware that has affected you in order to choose the best tool to recover your data. In order ransomware solution and to identify the type of “bug” that has affected you, you can use the following scanning systems:

  • ID Ransomware: It is an online tool, you just have to upload the affected file and it will detect it.
  • Crypto Sheriff: similar to the previous one, it is also an online platform, so you don’t need to install anything.
  • CryptoSearch: It is a program that you must download and use on your system to detect ransomware.

With them you can obtain the name and type of the ransomware that is harming you.

Tools To Recover Your Encrypted Data

Although there is a greater amount of ransomware, they are not very sophisticated in most cases, so there are some tools that can decrypt your data even without the password. This way you won’t have to pay and you can recover your hard drive in a simple way, once you have identified it.

Restore Previous Versions Of The File

One of the most used methods to recover files encrypted by Ransomware is to restore the files to previous versions. It involves replacing the encrypted file with previous copies that Windows automatically saves as a restore point. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  • Choose the file infected by Ransomware
  • Right click on the selected file
  • Click on file properties
  • Select file versions > copy > restore

This way, the file will be replaced, as long as a copy exists as a restore point.

Restoring the Operating System

A second method to recover files encrypted by Ransomware is to restore the system to points where the malware or virus infection did not exist. This method guarantees that your computer will be restored to a version prior to the Ransomware attack, to do this follow these steps:

  • Start in safe mode
  • Click on troubleshoot > reset this computer > Advanced options
  • Enter advanced options and click system restore
  • Select the time period to reset your operating system

When the restoration is complete, your files and data that were previously infected by Ransomware will have been recovered.

Restore from a Backup

Another ransomware solution is to recover files encrypted by Ransomware is through backup copies. These are backups that you must make on your computer to protect the information.

From the backup you can restore the files and regain access to your data. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Select Update & security
  • Click Backup > File History Backup > More Options
  • Click on restore files from a current backup
  • Enter the file name
  • Explore file versions
  • Click on restore file

This way, you can regain access to the data that was encrypted by the type of Ransomware that attacked the operating system.

Did You Find A Way To Recover Your Files?

We hope that this guide to recover your files encrypted by Ransomware will be useful to you to access the infected data again. The methods and tools presented are very simple; they do not require a high level of computer science.

However, if any of them do not work, we recommend that you go to a professional to examine and recover the data successfully. Also, remember that it is better to prevent an infection than to try to restore and recover your files, in some cases the best solution is to format the entire drive, the data could be lost.