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How Many Laundry Baskets You Should Have?

When it comes to buying laundry baskets, people usually ask many questions in their minds. Although they are very useful in homes and make our laundry tasks easier, one thing that many people think about is how many laundry baskets are good to use. 

Some people think one laundry basket is enough for their daily use, while some other people consider having two laundry baskets. Also, many people think that they need several laundry baskets and consider buying three, four, five, six, or more laundry baskets. 

Well, according to BestLaundryBasket.com, there is no rule for buying laundry baskets, so you can buy any number of laundry baskets depending on your requirements. So, before you opt for buying laundry baskets, you will have to consider your requirements. 

How To Decide How Many Laundry Baskets Are Ideal for You? 

Perhaps it is one of the most confusing parts that many people face when buying laundry baskets. But this can be easier if you understand what all things to look for when you are choosing laundry baskets for your home. The first thing that you will have to decide is where you want to use these baskets. 

If you need laundry baskets only for your laundry room, you can buy one, two, or three baskets, depending on your needs. Some people prefer having two laundry baskets – one for dirty clothes and the other one for clean clothes. But some other people consider having one laundry basket because they have limited storage space. 

However, large families need up to three to four laundry baskets to handle multiple loads of laundry. On the other side, some people consider placing a laundry basket in every room in their home so that they can easily collect dirty clothes from every room on the wash day. In this case, considering the number of rooms in the home is necessary to determine how many laundry baskets will be needed. 

If you want to organize your home in this way, you should count the number of rooms such as kid’s room, guest room, bedrooms, grandparent’s room, etc., and buy a laundry basket for each room. Ensure that these laundry baskets are stackable so that you can store them in one place when you don’t need them. 

In case you need a laundry basket to carry your clothes upstairs or downstairs, you should choose laundry baskets accordingly. It should be lightweight and highly portable so that you don’t face any difficulties while transporting it. If you need a large unit to store your clothes, you can consider buying a hamper with two to three sections. 

This will provide you with enough space to store all your clothes properly. If you have kids, you can place a laundry hamper in your kid’s room to keep their toys, clothes, books, etc. 


There is no ideal number of laundry baskets one should have. It all depends on your requirements and how you want to use laundry baskets at home. This way, you can decide how many laundry baskets will be suitable for your home.