Cricket’s Most Disgusting Battles in History

Although cricket has a reputation for being a gentleman’s game, it hasn’t always been such. Cricket players are often seen having fun and joking about on the ground, but have also viewed some of the big fights in cricket ever take place there. We’ve provided you with a list of several in this post.

Although cricket has a reputation for being a gentleman’s game, it hasn’t always been such. Cricket players are often seen having fun and joking on the field, and viewers have also seen some of the most vicious fights ever take place there. Let’s compiled a list of the worst brawls ever to occur on a cricket pitch for you in this post.

Check out some of the bloodiest battles that occurred just on a cricket pitch here:

1. In the 2008 case of Andrew Symonds versus. Harbhajan Singh:

Australian batsman Andrew Symonds & India’s master spinner Harbhajan Singh got into a nasty argument in 2008 during Sydney Test, as well as the former claimed Singh termed him a “monkey” as just a racist epithet.

Bhajji was then given a three-match suspension; however, team India threatened to cancel the trip if the suspension was not removed. The accusations against Bhajji were withdrawn by Chief Judge Hansen due to a lack of proof after hearing abuse by both parties.

2. Shane Warne versus Marlon Samuels: 

Among the largest brawls ever seen on a cricket field. During a BBL match between the Melbourne Stars & Shane Warne, Melbourne Renegades, & Marlon Samuels got into a nasty brawl. Marlon Samuels attempted to playfully pull David Hussey’s jersey upon one of the pitches during the stars inning, even though he was aware that Hussey was attempting a second run and that there wasn’t any second attempt there. Shane Warne, though, didn’t take well to this.

Later on during the second inning, while Samuels was standing at the pavilion, Shane Warne began cursing at him, a few of which were audible on the mic he was sporting. The following over, following fielding cricket ball, Shane Warne purposefully and gently delivered the ball right toward Samuels, making matters worse. By this point, Samuels was done and flung his bat furiously into the air. Umpires came to mediate the conflict between the two players.

The great Lasith Malinga was bowled the following over by Warne, so it struck Samuel’s helmet grills with a ripping bouncer. Samuels was treated for injury right away since his mouth was covered in blood.

3. Harbhajan Singh versus Sreesanth: 

In a game in which the Kings XI Punjab triumphed, Harbhajan Singh & Sreesanth, 2 of something like the Indian cricket squad’s most colorful players, faced off against one another. According to rumors, Harbhajan Singh became enraged and upset when Sreesanth reportedly approached him following the game and said, “Well done” in a playful way.

On television, Sreesanth could be seen sobbing, and it was subsequently discovered that Harbhajan had hit him in the face for his remarks. Both cricket players steadfastly declined to speak on the nasty brawl. Ultimately, Harbhajan Singh received a season-long playing suspension.

4. Kieron Pollard versus Mitchell Starc: 

In 2014, Mitchell Starc of the RCB & Pollard, the standout player for the Mumbai Indians, got into a rather violent fight. When Pollard began having trouble with his performance with both bats, he spoke a few words with the former. Then, with such a casual sweep of his hand, Pollard swept Starc aside.

The situation didn’t finish there, either. The next ball, Pollard backed away from his position just like Starc was about to deliver, but Starc continued to bowl and looked to aim for Pollard, who was now heading in the direction of the leg umpire. Then, before it had slid from his hands, Pollard shook his bat toward Starc’s direction and almost hurled it at it. Virat Kohli, the captain of the RCB, as well as the 2 umpires then got into a furious dispute.

5. Ishant Sharma versus Kamran Akmal: 

Pakistan’s bowler Ishant Sharma & wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal have both been fined following an ugly altercation during the first T20 global at Bangalore. Both cricketers engaged in a fight during the match after the former was given out despite being caught off from a no-ball from Ishant Sharma and out with the following delivery. Both players started shouting at each other shortly after that.

6. Fight involving the Bermuda Cricket Team: 

This seems to have to be among the worst fights imaginable. A Bermuda cricketer Jason Anderson was given a lifetime ban for encouraging a fight during a youth tournament. It all began when Anderson, who’d been playing for Cleveland Counties Cricket Club, unleashed a vicious attack on batsmen George O’Brien, who’d been playing for Willow Cut Cricket Club when the two were wicket-keeping even during the Champion of Championships final just at St David’s Crickets Club Ground. The participants could be seen grappling to the ground as the battle quickly became violent. James was spotted kicking the batter.

7. Shakib Al Hasan versus The Umpire: 

During a local match against Abahani Limited &Mohammedan Sporting Club, Shakib Al Hasan was observed getting into heated arguments with the referee after a couple of his requests were denied. Shakib was spotted sprinting towards the umpire following one of his deliveries, flailing his arms around, and kicking the stumps in anger.

8. Inzamam-ul-Haq versus Fan: 

You did indeed read it correctly. Inzamam-ul-Haq and a fan recently got into a fierce disagreement. During the second ODI of something like the series of 1997 in Toronto Cricket, he was taunted with the term “aloo” by an Indian supporter, who also told him should stand up straight since of his weight. Though Inzi got rid of it for a moment, he eventually lost control and was spotted sprinting toward the fan holding his bat. The security guys stopped him, though. If Inzi had hurt the fans, it would be a lifelong stain on their career, and perhaps he have faced a suspension.

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