6 Sports Betting Account To Follow On TikTok In 2023

Launched as Douyin by the Chinese company ByteDance, TikTok is not a name unknown with billions of users worldwide. Besides, the social media platform features various influencers that post unique content about different industries, including sports betting. 

Nowadays, several seasoned sports gambling professionals use the app to share real-time and expert tips for gamblers of all levels. These content curators discuss everything from what algorithm sports bettors use to the easiest way to bet. You better not overlook them if you want to wager confidently! 

So who are the best sports bettors to follow? Let’s check out.


A content curator account you can’t miss on TikTok is SportsBettingTiktok, which has more than 1.2 million followers. As the handle name indicates, this account focuses on content from various sports betting markets. 

The page owner shares the live match recording with his incredible commentary to give followers real-time updates about the event. Besides, you will love to explore his exclusive breaking news videos to keep a tab on the latest sports industry trends.


BookItWithTrent has more than 400,000 followers and 20 million likes on videos currently. Do you still need any reason to ignore this sports betting pro on TikTok? 

The betting influencer confidently posts content about his losses and wrong betting decisions. Thus, it is an ideal account for betting fans to avoid the same blunders. Learning from mistakes can also help you apply the right strategy to place a bet on potentially safe and winning outcomes.


With more than 275,000 followers, the BR Betting account by BleacherReport is a one-stop destination for both newbies and experienced punters to hone their skills. The witty presentation of every topic on this page turns boring betting content into engaging posts. 

The account covers the latest sports events, news, topics, and even insights about the current betting market to keep the followers up-to-date.


Learning from the pro in a light and humorous way can make your online gambling journey more delightful. Ben Cary is the brain behind CapWize, which provides sports betting insights using human perspective and computer models. Indeed, following this industry guru can improve your winning odds

Ben attracts many betting enthusiasts to learn basic to advanced-level sports wagering strategies. By sharing highly engaging content, the sports expert today has over 26.1K followers on the platform. 

Moreover, the Tiktok influencer covers the content on not one or two but various sports genres on his channel. Whether you are an NFL lover or a UFC fan, get all valuable updates under one roof.


You can check this sports betting influencer’s account to access his educational betting-related content. Ryan’s more than 17 years of experience speaks volumes about his industry know-how. 

After all, learning tips from the founder of the Sports Betting Masterclass will only be your road to a profitable gambling experience. If you want to cash out your bets frequently, don’t miss out on this notable sports gambling influencer. 

However, Ryan Bender is more than just a sports betting professional. He also actively sells his picks through his TikTok.


If you’re looking for what is the smartest way to bet, this is your place to be. This sports betting video content page by Dan Worthington isn’t just famous on TikTok but also on the Instagram app. 

With around 1.3 million likes, you can rely on his betting stories on different sportsbook topics. It includes free bets, honest offshore sportsbook reviews, best parlays, gambling conspiracies, and much more. 

Further, you’ll love to watch videos of professional sports handicappers sharing their experiences and opinions. Dan even posts funny memes on special sports events to make the page more engaging for followers. 

Bottom Line

The potential of sports betting influencers on TikTok is tremendous. Like any other business, even e-sportsbook operators nowadays approach these content curators to boost their market reach. Thus, anybody looking for profitable tips, guides, or content to enrich their betting strategy should start following these popular TikTok influencers now! 

Undoubtedly, the fun video guides on sports and betting strategies are a fruitful source to sharpen your gameplay. In-depth insights and opinions of these sports gambling sensations will allow you to play strategically and responsibly. 

So don’t think twice! Tap the follow button for any of the above-listed renowned sports betting influencers. 

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